How to Install An Infant Car Seat


With a new baby arriving in your house you need to make certain changes as well. Such as redoing your room so you can make space for your young one, or making a separate room for your child. Buy new clothes, diapers, lotions, skin care products so that your child gets all the pampering it needs for its delicate skin. Food as he or she grows up. And the list goes on.

Increasing your family requires proper planning so that you have a solution for each and every place your feel short. Obviously a child is not capable enough to care for him or herself and hence you need to keep that thing in mind while doing anything.

As a parent or caretaker, your responsibility towards the house doubles when a child arrives as taking care of him or her comes squarely on your shoulders. Just like that it is important to keep it in mind while caring for your young one while going out.

While traveling in your car you need few things at hand. You will require a bag that contains all important and handy stuff that you will need for your baby, like extra pair of diapers, a new dress, and some food if he or she is advised to eat and so on.

Just like that you will require an infant car seat on which you can keep your child in safely and drive without any worries. If you don’t know how to install a car seat then read on, we will take you step by step and show you how to get a car seat installed in your car for your infant.

First Step to Car Seat Installation

Before installing the car seat you need to make sure what kind of car seat it is. Is it a rear facing car seat or a front facing car seat? Also make sure the harness slots present in the car seat are available and there is absolutely no damage to any part of your Child car seat. Read the instructions properly for every car seat can be different. You don’t want to install the car seat improperly and risk the life of your young one.

It is also advisable to put the infant car seat in the back seat rather than the front seat. As now days many cars contain air bags, installing the car seat in the front will require you to turn the airbag off because if the airbags inflate it may cause serious head injuries to your child.

You also need to read the instructions manual carefully as every car seat is manufactured differently with separate loops and harnesses and hence to ensure that you are installing the car seat accurately you need to read the instructions cautiously.

Attach The Car Seat In Place

Once you have placed the car seat in the back now wrap the seat belt below it and tighten it up so that it stays in place. Your car seat should not move back and forth of sideways more than 1 inch so remember to tighten the seat belt beneath it.

Due to brakes or speed breakers your child can slouch forwards or sideways, although there are straps to prevent this from happening and hence you need to make sure that the straps are tightened properly. Also try to keep the car seat at no more than 45 degrees inclination.

This will ensure that your child is lying safely. And for that it is not advised to keep the car seat in an elevated angle. You can tuck in tightly rolled towels on the front angle of the car seat to prevent it front coming forwards. To make things easier, now many car seats come with an angle indicator that will tell you what angle your seat is inclined at.

Dressing Your Child

When you are traveling in a car and you wish to take your child with you then it is advised to not to dress your child up in very heavy or loose clothes. This will either give room for your child to move which is obviously not safe or not allow you to tightly wrap the harness around your child to ensure absolute safety. That’s why always make sure to dress your child in tight clothes.

Clip On The Safety Belts

Now that you have carefully positioned your child on the car seat carefully tuck on the harnesses around the baby and ensure that they are tight enough. This will allow your child to travel safely with you. And make sure that the belts are not rolled up.

If possible then try to insert pads around the belts to ensure the comfort of your child. Also try to keep a wash cloth or a pad between the crotch strap and your baby and this will keep the child not getting any uncomfortable rashes while traveling.

Last Step: Try To Get It Checked By A Professional

To ensure that you have installed the car seat perfectly in your car to travel with your baby then you need to get it check by a car professional or service provider.

Improperly installed car seats can cause a lot of troubles for your child and may even risk his or her life hence it is imperative to get your car checked by a professional. And once your professional gives you the green signal then you is ready to travel with your little one whenever you want.

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