How to Cook Instant Noodles in Rice Cooker


Don’t have a pot and stove to satisfy your noodle craving?

Your rice cooker will save the day!

Noodles just need boiling water and rice cookers can definitely provide that. Simple, right?

However, if you need more tips, stay with us as we reveal how to cook instant noodles in rice cooker.

  1. Fill the pot with water, enough to cover the noodles.
  2. Add the dry noodles (break them if necessary).
  3. Close the rice cooker’s lid.
  4. Set the rice cooker to “Cook” mode.
  5. Check the noodles after five minutes (rice cookers take longer to boil).
  6. Scatter the cooked noodles inside the rice cooker.
  7. Add the seasoning that comes with the noodles.
  8. Mix the noodles and the seasoning.
  9. Add meat and vegetables if you want.
  10. Leave the rice cooker on for one more minute to perfectly combine the contents.

And, there you go! See how easy that is?

In Conclusion

Knowing how to cook instant noodles in rice cooker is handy for moments you can’t use a stove. Rice cookers are multipurpose appliances. You should take advantage of their capabilities.

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