Ironman Gravity 2000 Inversion Table Review



Backache problem is a very common problem now a day. People sit more in their daily routine which is the reason for backache. People who meet such problems are recommended by the doctors for medicines, massages and therapies etc. Among all these problems therapy treatment is the most suitable treatment. Ironman gravity 2000 inversion table is basically the inversion table used to reduce your stress, pressure and stimulates the blood circulation. Its attractive features in a cheap price are really a good thing for the customers having back ache problem.

Important Features and Specifications

Are you looking for an inversion table? You must have to read the features and specifications of ironman gravity 2000 inversion table. Below is the brief description of its features.

Ironman gravity 2000 inversion table is the durable inversion table to reduce the stress from back. It is helpful in stimulating the blood circulation. It overall relaxes the body and reduces the fatigue. It helps to release pressure on discs and muscles. It also increases the flexibility of your body.

Inversion table have a sturdy tabular steel frame. It has vinyl covered backrest. Its hard nylon backrest supports the backbone while inverting the body. The inversion table has a powder-coated finish which prevents it from being destroyed. It will allow you to use the table for long term.

Inversion table have non-skid floor stabilizers which are too hard and give a sturdy grip during the inversion of body. It has 3 initial inversion angles. It can turn up to the angle of 180 degree and moves your body upside down. It has ankle cushions which can be molded easily. Its vinyl side covers will keep your hands and fingers safe. These some features are for the security of the patients.

Ironman gravity 2000 inversion table is a durable table which can carry weight up to 300 pounds. It has extra-long safety holders. Its security precautions are so attractive. It can be folded easily to store somewhere in your house like storerooms. It weighs just 55 pounds and easy to carry from one place to another. It can adjust up to the height of 6 feet 6 inches. Inversion table have so many attractive features available in a cheap price. Affordability is the main issue for the people, so this inversion table will give you the best in fewer prices.


  • Relieves backache
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • High quality
  • Cheap price
  • Durable steel framing
  • Spring loaded ankle locking system
  • Vinyl side covers
  • Comfortable design
  • Easy to fold


  • Handrails of the inversion table are bit short
  • Ankle clamps feels a little uncomfortable
  • For long individuals the ankle release lever is quite hard to reach.

Who Should Buy

Ironman gravity 2000 inversion table is one of the famous and well-known inversion tables. It is used to release the back pain by inverting the body as upside down. While inverting the body, pressure from the back starts releasing immediately the pain also starts decreasing. Pressure is actually the cause of the pain. People who have more sitting hours in their daily routine should have some precautions for their backbones.

Ironman gravity 2000 inversion table will provide relief your pain within few minutes. This table is also helpful in releasing your daily stress and tiredness. If you are daily user of the ironman gravity 2000 inversion table you will definitely get your body at its initial position. Inversion table helps to increase the flexibility of your body. People are very touchy about the security issues especially for such an inversion table which inverts your body upside down. To avoid the risks people need some surety or guarantee for it. If you go through the features and specifications of ironman gravity 2000 inversion table you will definitely know about its security features.


Ironman gravity 2000 inversion table is well known inversion table with attractive features. Its high quality is available at cheap price. Inversion table has a durable structure. It can be easily assembled when you want to use. Inversion table can be folded easily when not in use to keep it safe. Ironman gravity 2000 inversion table will give you relief from the pain in few minutes. According to the customers review we come to know that from the regular use of this inversion table you can get relief of your pain permanently. It is greatly suggested for its price. If you are sick of the backache, consult your doctor or physician and go for the therapy treatment (as it is much better from medicines in my opinion). For the therapy treatment you must buy an inversion table and do it at home. It will save your time and money. Before taking the decision of which model you want to buy, you must go through the features and specifications of ironman gravity 2000 inversion table. It will give you results according to your expectations.