iSpring RCC7 – Best Value Newly Upgraded US Legendary 75GPD 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Review



iSpring RCC7 is a point-of-use filtering system that ensures you filter all your water to get a purified flow for home use. This unit has the best value RO system, which is provided by a trust worthy company for continued purified flow of water that rejects up to 99% of chlorine, pharmaceuticals, arsenic, fluoride, microorganisms, and lead.

This particular filter system is engineered with NSF certified WET parts by a factory that is American owned, and is certified with ISO 9000:2000 Quality Management Systems. This unit is made of a space saving structure that takes but little space under cabinets; hence making it the most ideal water filter system.

Important Features and Specs

The filtering system features a five-stage filtration process, including: the RO involving polypropylene sediment, followed by granular active carbon, the carbon block, and finally reverse osmosis technologies. These incorporated stages ensure that you are provided with crisp-tasting as well as bottle quality water.

The first stage, which is the 5-microin sediment filter effectively, captures particulate matter, including silt, rust and dirt that can interfere with the taste along with the appearance of the water. The second stage, which is the 5-micron granular active carbon filter, minimizes the taste of chlorine and its odor, along with halogenated substance, phenol, poly aromatic hydrocarbons, BTEX, and mineral oil.

The third stage, which is the denser carbon block filter, eliminates any residual taste, color and odds; in addition to the removal of difficult to remove chemicals. The fourth stage is incorporated with NSF certified reverse osmosis membrane. The membrane, which is semi-permeable, is composed of 0.0001 micron-sized holes that are highly instrumental in eliminating various substances from the water, including copper, chromium, lead, perchlorate, among other water contaminants.

The fifth stage uses a finer granular active carbon filter, which acts as a final refining filter. The five-stage process provides you with great tasting as well as purified water. The system is made of pre-installed automatic shutoff valve, along with the check valve, which collectively and automatically shut off the system when the tank is full.

iSpring RCC7 weighs 25 pounds and it measures 15 by 8 by 18 inches, making it compact and well-sized to fit appropriately when being installed. The unit is installed with a 3.2 gallon premium pressurized tank, which is certified to NSF/ANSI standards. The filter system’s faucet is NSF/ANSI compliant and it is: goose neck faucet, long reach, and lead free.

The filter system is made of NSF/ANSI compliant food grade 4-color tubing set. Installation hardware for the system includes: user manual, 2 spare elbow fittings, three spare O-rings, two wrenches, Teflon tape, drain saddle, feed water adapter, and tank valve.

There are also free upgrades made available since July 2014, including: RO membrane improvements from 3M along with sharper cutting machine; water detector, which has high sensitive probe for detecting water; and an all-inclusive user manual, which includes updated part list, straightforward eight-step installation instructions, and detailed figures.


  • The system uses the best value RO membrane made by reputable company, providing you with continued great tasting water that rejects up to 99% of microorganisms, chlorine, arsenic, lead, and fluoride.
  • The unit is installed with a five-stage filtration process, which gets rids of all possible impurities; providing you with purified as well as great tasting water whenever you use the filter system.
  • The system is composed of premium 3.2 gallon – pressurized tank that provides you with enough capacity, along with goose neck, long reach, as well as lead free faucet.
  • You are presented with free upgrades, including luxury designer EU-style faucet, feed water adapter, storage tank valve, automatic shut off valve, water detector, and an all-inclusive user manual with updated part list, well-laid out eight-step instructions, and detail figs.


  • The unit’s water line tubing may be flimsy; thus it might leak after a few rounds of use, and it may be even harder to notice the leaking due to the under sink position.

Who Should Buy

iSpring RCC7 is an ideal choice as far as under sink water filter systems are concerned for home use. The price is good, and the features are great. In fact, you should not be worried about the quality since the system will effectively surpass your expectations. The system is extremely easy to install, and tapping cold water line in order to feed the system is exceptionally easy. You will have purified water running to your small additional faucet on your kitchen sink. This unit is also a good filtration system for an aquarium fan, since you will be presented with great tasting water.


When it comes to purchasing a new under sink water filter system for your new home, you should immediately engage iSpring RCC7.

Therefore, you should know that the features incorporated in this system are the best, and you do not need to waste your time reviewing other models in the market. This unit will function exactly as you would have expected it to function, and each time you drink the purified water, you will be certain that it is safe for drinking.