iSpring WKB32B Three Stage 20-Inch Big Blue Whole House Water Filtration System Review



iSpring WKB32B is a three stage water filtration system that is designed to purify water for the whole house. The system has carbon and fine sediment, and it is installed with jumbo filters, which improve flow rate and at the same time reduce maintenance frequency. The unit is designed to provide you with top notch purification that has the ability of removing up to 95% of VOCs, heavy metals, chlorine, rust and sediment.

The system has NSF certified gradient-density filter, making it possible to achieve better-quality filtration accompanied by greater dirt trapping capacity of up to one micron filtration. The system resourcefulness is remarkable, and it has a capacity of 100,000 gallons.

Important Features and Specs

iSpring WKB32B 20-inch three stage filter with large one inch inlet/ outlet port provides the fastest flow possible. Among the various water filter system you can find in the market, this is the most ideal POE solution with respect to RO water filter systems. The first stage is defined by NSF certified 5-micron sediment filter that is high capacity polypropylene.

This stage is engineered to get rid of rust particles, dirt, silt, and sand. The second stage is characterized by NSF certified filter that is CTO carbon block, which has the ability of removing organic chemicals, bad odor, and chlorine from the water. The third stage is defined by NSF certified filter that is CTO carbon block and it is designed to get rid of any remaining contaminant as well as chlorine in your tap water.

The system is engineered to improve your whole house water quality. The purified water is used to enhance the quality of water in your food. iSpring has been applying improvements and technology with the intent of improving the health of the system users. The system takes the worry out of your tap water.

The system uses an exclusive progressive filtration process that filters water through gradually tighter pores, which are helpful in reducing microscopic particulate. The system has a nominal filtration rating in microns. The unit uses jumbo filters, which are instrumental in reducing maintenance frequency and improving g flow rate. The system has top notch purification with the ability of eliminating up to 95% of VOCs, sediment, heavy metal, chlorine and rust.

The system weighs 45 pounds and it measures 24 by 12 by 36 inches, and its item package quantity is one. The system is installed with three stage filtration process, which is engineered to purify tap water as well as well water. The system has a capacity of five hundred gallons for every twenty four hours at 50/ 60 psi and 77°F, and at a feed water pH that ranges between 3 and 11.

The system maximum feed water pressure is 95 psi and its minimum feed water pressure is 40 psi. The system maximum feed water temperature is 38°C and its minimum feed water temperature is 4°C. iSpring WKB32B has a maximum TDS of 2,500 ppm. The system package includes the following: one housing wrench; pre-assembled mounting screws and bracket, pre-assembled three-stage housing, and a single set of three standard cartridges.


  • The system purification is top notch and it is integrated with the best filtration technology that can eliminate up to 95% of VOCs, sediment, chlorine, heavy metal, and rust.
  • The system is incorporated with filter housing that is NSF certified with one inch port that supports the strongest possible water pressure of up to 95 psi.
  • The three stage process provides you with the following: five-micron high capacity polypropylene filter for getting rid of rust, dirt, silt and sand; and CTO carbon block filter for eliminating organic chemicals, bad odor and chlorine.


  • The system is particularly engineered to filter and purify hard water; therefore, it is not the most convenient system to use with water softener.

Who Should Buy

You should buy iSpring WKB32B if you are after a system that has the ability of purifying water for the whole house. You should engage this unit because it is designed to surpass your expectations. This is a long-lasting whole house water filter system that has the most ideal feed water temperature and pressure.

The system is highly user friendly, given the fact that it has an in-built frame simplifies the installation process. The unit’s metal fittings are a big plus, since it makes the installation to be fast. Unlike other water filter systems, this one has easy filter replacements; the replacements are usually standard 4.5 by 20 inches filters.


iSpring WKB32B is all about high quality filtration and purification of your tap as well as well water. The system can easily be installed by people of different experience levels.

Furthermore, it is integrated with high quality features that are tailored towards providing you with cleaner, fresher, healthier water. You should buy this system, since it will not only minimize chlorine taste and its odor, but also eliminate the existence of any other water contaminants.