Jet JMS-12SCMS 12-Inch Dual-Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw Review



Jet JMS-12SCMS is a new and exceptional dual bevel miter saw in the market. This unit is installed with the latest innovative green Xacta laser that provides precision visibility for accurate cutting. The miter saw’s dual bevel capabilities make it possible for you to angle as well as stop at 0 degrees, 33.9 degrees and 45 degrees on both left and right. The JMS-12SCMS has a 15 amp motor that drive direct 4,200 rpm for increased performance; in addition, it is designed not to bog down. The unit’s blade is usually sharp, runs freely, and is free of vibration.

Important Features and Specs

JMS-12SCMS slide compound miter saw is mounted with XACTA laser technology for high visibility. The miter saw’s installed green XACTA laser is jet exclusive. This unique laser guide radiates a characteristic green light that improves on cutting visibility by a greater percentage. The laser is conveniently mounted in a housing that is located behind the saw’s blade. This position of the laser ensures that it remains out of direct sight, but it projects the alignment just fine. The miter saw’s design is made of die-cast aluminum structure that is durable as well as portable.

The saw is engineered to keep up with continuous use without it being too bulky or too difficult to handle. Of the various sliding compound miter saws in the market, JMS-12SCMS is one of the most portable one, which makes it easier to transport from one working surface area to another. The miter saw is furnished with an ergonomic handle, along with up-front controls for continued safety when operational.

The handle is D-shaped and over molded, this provides steady, comfortable and secure grip. In addition, the handle’s design gives you thoroughgoing control all through cutting operations. Then again, the up-front controls are well-situated; you can easily access them, making it easier to operate the cutting machine.

The miter saw is highly resourceful and versatile; it is incorporated with ten detents, secure lamp, and powerful motor that direct drive a maximum speed of up to 4,200 rpm. The unit’s secure clamp makes certain that you can effectively make precise cuts by firmly stabilizing your work piece on your working surface. The ten detents are right for flexibility as well as control. Furthermore, the miter saw is installed with an easy slide fence for firm support, along with over-sized knobs which are engineered for ease-of-use.

Jet JMS-12SCMS measures 37.4 by 26.3 by 22.8 inches, and it weigh 73.6 pounds, making it compact and sturdy. The miter saw’s power source is corded electricity, and its voltage rating is 120 volts while its amperage is 15 amps. Its arbor size is 0.625, and it has dual bevel operation. The unit’s stock number is 707120, and the saw’s no load speed is 4,200 rpm. The blade’s diameter is twelve inches, 60T, and carbide tipped. The miter stops are ten from 45° to 60°. The bevel stops are at 0 degrees, 33.9 degrees and 45 degrees on both left and right side.


  • The unit is mounted with the latest XACTA laser technology, which provides high visibility and precision cutting.
  • The miter saw is made of die-cast aluminum construction, which improves on durability as well as portability.
  • The miter saw has a D-shaped over molded handle that is highly user friendly; in addition, the upfront controls makes it possible for the user to have full control of the saw.
  • The miter saw is highly resourceful and versatile, since it is installed with ten detents, secure clamp, and a powerful 15 amp motor.


  • The laser guide is poorly located, making it vulnerable to dust each time you use the miter saw.

Who Should Buy

Jet JMS-12SCMS is an ideal cutting tool for all experience levels. The saw’s operation is exceptional, and it is very easy to assemble. This is the correct unit for a workman who is not only after a good cutting performance, but a stylish, laser guided and precision cutting. The many features incorporated in this unit make it easier for the user to make all sorts of accurate bevel and miter cuts within the preferred cutting angles. This is a new design; hence it is an improvement of what has been on the market.


This four star slide compound miter saw should be your most desired woodworking cutting machine. At an affordable price, you are presented with precision cutting. The miter saw’s design is ergonomic and easy to use. Assembling of the unit is easy, so is its use, and it can be operated by all experience levels.

This dual bevel miter saw presents you with no guess accurate cuts. You do not have to spend a great deal of time on the miter saw market, since JMS-12SCMS will meet your cutting expectations successfully. This saw works great for the money. Those who are after slide compound miter saws with XACTA laser guided cuts should buy.