Quick Tips on How to Keep a Pocket Knife Sharp


Any normal person should own a pocket knife, don’t you agree? It is a must-have tool for self-defense and survival. However, you should know how to keep a pocket knife sharp to prove its purpose when needed.

As expected, sharpening a pocket knife is similar to the process required for ordinary knives. It only needs two materials: a sharpening stone and a lubricant.

Since pocket knives basically have really small blades, you don’t have to use an expensive sharpener. A sharpening stone will do – even a cheap one. After all, a typical lifestyle doesn’t need the frequent use of a pocket knife.

When it comes to the lubricant, mineral oil is ideal. It is excellent at reducing heat from the continuous contact of the metal edge and the stone. Intense friction can warp your pocket knife’s blade.

Finally, here’s the procedure on how to keep a pocket knife sharp:

Prepare the sharpening stone.

If your blade is extremely dull already, follow the initial part of the entire procedure below:

  1. Scratch each side of the sharpening stone with your thumbnail to find out which one is the rougher part.
  2. Pour a generous amount of mineral oil all over the rough section of the stone. However, don’t drench it.

Use the correct angle.

The key to an effective sharpening session is the angle. Your knife’s blade should form 10 to 15 degrees. Learn how to get the right angle with the following steps:

  1. Make a 90-degree angle by placing the blade perpendicular to the stone’s surface.
  2. Slightly turn your wrist to cut the angle in half, getting 45 degrees.
  3. Turn your wrist again to eliminate 50% of 45 degrees, giving you 22.5.
  4. Adjust the angle to get 10 to 15 degrees. Simply visualize the remaining angle.

Start sharpening!

Finally, we’re going to discuss the sharpening process. Pay attention to the following method:

  1. Sweep your knife’s blade sideways especially if it is longer than the sharpening stone. This is also recommended for curved blades.
  2. Repeat the first step six to 12 times. Just apply a little bit of pressure.
  3. Flip the blade to sharpen the opposite side.
  4. After focusing on both sides, sweep the blade again. But this time, do alternate strokes. Do this several times until you’re satisfied with the sharpness.
  5. Flip the sharpening stone to show the fine grit. Repeat the process above.


Knowing how to keep a pocket knife sharp is crucial so you can do a lot of things with it and even survive some dangerous situations. The whole process is actually easy to do since pocket knives usually have small blades.

However, if you prefer a much easier process, sharpen your pocket knife with the right kind of electric sharpener.