Is Limescale In Kettle Bad For You


If you’ve seen that chalky residue in your kettle, you probably have hard water. It’s when your drinking water possesses a significant amount of limescale. Is limescale in kettle bad for you?

While that isn’t really harmful to your health, having a considerable amount of limestone and some other minerals in your water can affect the way your drinks taste. It also makes it hard to complete your household chores.

Limescale and Kidney Stones

Limescale is high in calcium and magnesium. This is why a lot of people think that it can cause kidney stones, particularly when ingested in high amounts.

However, there are no studies or research that can prove that drinking hard water can increase your risk of developing stones in your kidneys.

You are, in fact, more prone to having them if you don’t drink enough water.

Now, if you still feel bothered about having limescale in your kettle, avoid leaving any water in your kettle after using it. You should clean your kettle regularly to prevent limescale buildup. You can use a descaler if you already have a buildup in your kettle.

In case you’re worried about the chemicals in descaling solutions, you can create your own natural descaler. Just mix vinegar/lemon and water and leave it in your kettle for about an hour.