Keystone KSTAD50B Energy Star Dehumidifier Review



Keystone KSTAD50B is a uniquely designed, four-star rated, and energy star rated, 50-pint dehumidifier that is engineered to provide you with great performance. The appliance is incorporated with three modes, including turbo, normal and auto defrost settings, whereby auto defrost ensures that there is no ice buildup on the coils. The unit is incorporated with a continuous drain option, which involves a hose connection.

Basically, the appliance is equipped with a great number of high-quality features that are aimed at providing you with the best dehumidification each time you switch on the device. Therefore, this device is what you need to free yourself from the effects of excess humidity.

Important Features and Specs

Keystone KSTAD50B features an automatic shut off system that alerts you when the bucket is full. The unit’s water tank comprises a transparent water level indicator that makes it easy to read. It also features continuous drainage option that makes it possible for the appliance to run continuously without the need of emptying the tank.

The unit is easy to maintain since it consists of a removable and easy to clean dust filter that features a clean filter alert. You can easily access the filter, clean and reinstall it for fresher, cleaner dehumidification without suffering filter replacement costs. The filter alert signals you, conveniently when the filter needs to be cleaned. This feature also saves you the hassle of worrying about the air you breathe.

This dehumidifier is also made up of electronic controls that feature an LED display and a 24-hour timer. The digital humidity display provides you with easy readings, which you can adjust on a touch of a button. The unit’s settings include the following; normal, turbo and auto defrost. The defrosting mechanism makes certain that there is no ice buildup in the appliance that may interfere with the continuous operation.

The unit is programmed with auto restart capabilities; therefore, if there is a power outage, the system will restore the previous settings successfully; hence you will not have to do any re-adjustments. The appliance has a conveniently large dehumidification capacity of 50 pints per day, which can cover a room size of up to 3,000 square feet. Basically, this particular model from Keystone is designed for convenience.

Keystone KSTAD50B weighs 36.3 pounds and measures 10.8 by 15.4 by 23.2 inches. The appliance is installed with: automatic defrost control, automatic shutoff, 24 hour timer, and drain hose connection. It has bucket storage and front bucket location.

The unit’s controls are electronic and digital. The appliance minimum operating temperature is 45°F, and its moisture removal capacity is 50 pints per day. The device’s airflow CFM is 188 high / 165 low and the operating noise level is 55dBA. In addition, the appliance is equipped with NEMA 5-15P plug and a cord length of 7.22 feet. Furthermore, the unit is UL listed.


  • Keystone KSTAD50B is mounted with electronic, digital humidity controls. It has top-notch digital touch display panel for temperature and humidity. The controls also include: auto defrost cycle, humidity setpoint range, and 24 hour on/off timer.
  • Keystone KSTAD50B easy to read water level indicator, which makes it easier to track the water level. In addition, the unit has a full bucket alert programmed with auto shutoff, which switches off the system when full bucket capacity is exhausted.
  • Keystone KSTAD50B easy to clean anti-microbial filter saves you the trouble of filter replacement, since you can simply wash it and reinstall it for continued operation.


  • The continuous hose adapter for connection setup is not compatible with the standard garden hose since it is smaller; therefore, you will have to incur an extra cost of securing a hose that fits the adapter.

Who Should Buy

You should buy Keystone KSTAD50B to help you improve the air quality in your home as well as the office. The key purpose of this model is to get rid of excess humidity in the atmosphere of your room by sensing the humidity level and adjusting it to the desired level by eliminating the unwanted moisture. By maintaining the moisture levels within the recommended percentages, Keystone KSTAD50B will combat mildew, dampness, and mold. You can also buy the device to use with your laundry; it will dry laundry quicker and control moisture-based damage on your furniture and other household belongings.


This four-star energy star rated 2014 dehumidifier has been constantly receiving positive reviews from different users. This means that you have every reason to engage this appliance. The device’s design is exclusive and results driven. You should always expect it to eliminate any unwanted moisture from the atmosphere of your room the moment you set your preferred humidity level.

This is a resourceful as well as a versatile dehumidifying device that will provide you with the best performance. The features are highly reliable, including auto restart and auto shutoff among others. Conclusively, Keystone KSTAD50B is worth your money.

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