KHOMO Extra Light Full Body Maternity Pillow Review



Pregnancy sometimes creates a difficulty to lie down on a bed or sometimes it creates the back ache or the soreness of the backbone because of various internal and external changes. In this situation a pregnancy pillow serve a woman in a better way to cuddle especially when she has enlarged belly. This U shaped pillow is made to comfort the body and to relax the muscles of the belly especially at night. This U shaped pregnancy pillow is extremely light in weight than any other pregnancy pillows. That gives you the complete comfort of body while sleeping at night.


The main features of the Khomo pregnancy pillow are:

  • Comfortable U Shaped Pillow

    Mostly after first trimester of the pregnancy women face the various problems because of enlarged belly. Most of the women face the soreness of back in the pregnancy. They experience the sleeplessness nights and irritation. The enlarged belly makes them uncomfortable especially when they lie down on the bed.

    The Khomo pregnancy pillow is made in a U shape design. The main purpose of this design is to give the users a comfortable posture while sleeping. The pillow can be adjusted between the legs and it also provides the support to your belly. This relaxation gives you an ease while sleeping.

  • Light in Weight

    This pregnancy pillow is extremely light in weight so it can be easily carried away at any place. You can adjust your pregnancy pillow over the bed or carpet. It is portable, light weight and very soft. It gives the real pleasure while sleeping. You can simply use this pillow to make your own bed at any place in the home. If you feel comfortable on the floor in the pregnancy then you can use this pillow there. It will give you a perfect feeling of relaxation.

  • Easily Washable

    The cloth of the pregnancy pillow is washable. You can easily wash it with ordinary washing powder. There is also another option to replace the upper cover of the pregnancy pillow. This cover is washable and durable. You can use it with a peace of mind because of its durability and robust nature.

  • Reduces the Backache

    Are you experiencing the backache in your pregnancy or you are a victim of muscles stress and strain or your body is facing the fatigue more often, then here is a solution of your problem.The Khomo pregnancy pillow is designed to give you the comfort during pregnancy. Mostly the women face the problem of backache and soreness of the backbone. In such conditions of body, it is very important to relax the body and comfort the muscles. For that purpose a pregnancy pillow serves a user with its awesome nature.

    The Khomo U shaped pregnancy pillow gives your backache a perfect relief. It gives you a warm and soft feeling while sleeping. This pregnancy pillow helps in relaxing your muscles of belly and the legs. So you will get a real pleasure after using this Khomo pregnancy pillow.

  • Reasonable Price

    After getting the awesome features, it is very important to have a look on the price of the pregnancy pillow. This best pregnancy pillow is reasonable in price and especially if you will visit various sites and read the reviews of the people then you will get the best price of this pregnancy pillow. Overall this pillow is good and its price is quite low than its features.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Reduces backache
  • Relaxing the muscles
  • Produces enough temperature to warm up the body
  • It perfectly supports your belly
  • Soft and warm
  • Light weight
  • It can also be used by a normal person you do not need to get pregnant to use this pillow. This gives a peaceful and comfortable sleep


  • This pillow has a low quality zipper
  • The upper cover of the pillow is quite hard to remove
  • Sometimes the zipper becomes uncomfortable and creates the disturbance while sleeping at night

Who Should Buy

This Khomo pregnancy pillow is best for those women who are expecting. However according to the reviews of the people it is not necessary to be pregnant to use this pillow. If you want to get a perfect cradle like feeling while sleeping then this pillow is ideal for you to feel better. This special pregnancy pillow has got a feedback score of 4 out of 5. That is popular among the most of the expected women.


The Khomo pregnancy pillow is soft and comfortable to use. The expected women who are facing the problems of pains related to the pregnancy especially the backache, this pillow is ideal for them to use. That will give them the relief and will also make their sleeplessness nights comfortable and calm. So what you are waiting for? Just buy this Khomo pregnancy pillow and make you feel better than ever.