Kidco Safeway Top of Stairs Gate Review



If you need a gate at top of your stairs then definitely the gate needs to be hardware mounted. Through hardware, they get permanently mounted to bannister or wall so it gives an extra security and relief for you. They also proved to be very good gates in hallways and doorways which have a high traffic.

Important Features and Specs

The stable and safe hardware system of mounting of Kidco Safeway Gate is designed to use at the top of the stairs. The gate has gained popularity because of its efficient manufacturing, easy to install and operate. It can swoon open only one way so it would not open over the stairs direction. You can mount it on opening from 24 inches up to 43 inches and also at an angle.

  • Safety

    The hardware mounts provide a secure installation at stairwell. It can be installed to stairways or walls by drilling the hardware into the stairway post or wall stud. This gives an extra safety against the knocking. The users have praised the gate’s sturdiness, the kids hang themselves on the gate but still it cannot be moved from its place. The extra safety is provided by features like not allowing the door to open in both directions so it does not gets opened on the stairs.

    The bottom does not have any crossbar so there is no tripping over. The latch is observed to be secure but it requires manual locking so extra care is needed in that area. It has vertical spindles disallowing children to climb and get to the other side. These users are very happy with these spindles and have remarked it to be fantastically strong.

  • Easy Usage

    The installation despite of hardware mounts is very simple. It is so quick that users do not believe it to be so straight forward as written in manual. The latch can also be used with one hand and it has also been verified.

  • Unique Attributes

    It comes in more than one finish to match your home décor. It’s been verified that Kidco Safeway Gate is stylish and perfectly suits the décor. The spindles are slim. The most basic type of this model is in white or black metal. Other models have dark or light wood color and also can be customized with amalgamation of light wood, dark wood and metal. The different models have slight variation in sizes. The extensions are available for angle-mount models only.

  • Easy to Install

    The gate is mounted very closely as per requirement and you can make the last adjustments through the adjustment bolts of corner which is just like a pressure mounted gate. The most unique thing about it is that all the hardware for installation gets tucked very closed to the wall or bannister so your whole gate can swing and you do not lose any width from your opened area.


  • Made of Steel
  • Joints can rotate
  • Height 30.5″ and width 24.75″ – 43.5″.
  • Easy to remove and install
  • One directional for safety


  • Screw head recess too shallow
  • No auto closure
  • Bolt connection poorly designed

Who Should Buy

Your small children would hate this gate as it would be a barrier between them and the area. It is perfect for you if you have small kids as it is easy to install and more easy to operate, but for you only. It looks stylish as well and will blend in with your home décor perfectly. The gate is very strong so no chances that your infants can break pass through it. Initially you might get surprised to its sturdy quality as well because despite of having strength it is not much heavy at all.

The main reason is that the bottom hinge is made from plastic. The reason behind is that the gate will not do much noise on opening and closing. Every part and area is made after a thought process and research so that the previous problems are not repeated in this model.


To sum up, Kidco Safeway Gate is perfect for high traffic doorways and hallways and at the top of the stairs. The main reason is that unlike pressure mount gates it does not have any bottom threshold to get tripped over. Its basic aim of designing is to use it in top of stairs but you can always make it a divider of room.

It comes with same functionality and ease of use in a new design because of which Kidco has been very popular among the baby proofer and parents for around 20 years. The gate can easily be opened by just one bare hand. The gate easily be removed as the hardware has quick release feature so there is no hassle either in installing or in removing at all. The gate swings only one way specifically so that it does not open out over the stairs. These and the rest of the features discussed in this review are sufficient to prove it a better gate.