KingLinen® White Down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert Twin Review



Down alternative comforters are a great alternative to the conventional goose down comforters. Winter season is the peak of most of the comforter sales. A good quality comforter can actually help lessen heater usage, as well as electricity expenses. The KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert Twin is a good example of this type. It features materials that make it retain an ideal temperature even when the weather gets cold.

Important Features and Specs

With 100% Hypoallergenic Poly Fiber, it is able to encase the down alternative fillings very well, especially with the stitching technique that was used on it. This twin size comforter is measured at 64 x 88, ideal for couples who have just started building their love nest or for anyone who just wants a bigger than a single sized bed.

This comforter comes with a duvet insert that comes in handy when you need your bedding to stay in place no matter how many times you toss and turn around the bed. This is great for hot sleepers who tend to have their sleep interrupted when they move around a little too much that the bedding gets out of place.

With this design, once the duvet inserts are secured, even if you toss and turn around the bed, the comforter remains secure, and you will not fall off from the bed and disrupt your sleep. This can also be helpful for parents who are concerned about their sleepwalking kids as the comforter prevents them from getting out of bed too easily. Please take note that this is not precaution enough to address sleepwalking issues. It is only an additional counter measure. Seek professional advice when necessary.

The polyester material lets air flow freely in and out of the comforter. This allows the comforter to retain a favorable temperature depending on the room condition and weather. In other words, if the climate or weather is cold, the temperature in the comforter stays the same or at least, as warm as it was before the room became colder.

It would not help to have a comforter that changes temperature along with the room’s. If you are looking for a comforter specifically for the colder seasons, the warmth in the bedding serves to counteract the cold breeze so as to avoid disrupting your sleep.

Another impressive feature of this comforter, is it doesn’t retain any smell from the factory packaging, so it is safe to place your head comfortably on the sheet or beside your pillow. This is important, especially to those who are suffering from allergies or weak respiratory system.

Sleep get easily disrupted due to hyper-sensitivity to smells that we find unpleasant. Of course if you just unwrapped it from its package, drying it out under the sun is highly recommended in order to get rid of that plastic smell.


  • The polyester material is great in retaining ideal temperature to counter the weather
  • Washable in cold water and dryable in tumble-dry with the knob on low
  • Keeps your body warm without the sheet getting too hot
  • Lessens heater usage due to the natural warmth emitted when wrapped around the body


  • Soft enough to sleep into even during the summer but comes up short during the winter
  • With polyester as the cheaper alternative to cotton, expectations regarding comfort are less than what you get from cotton
  • Some users complained that the Polyester somehow has that plastic feel to it
  • There are also some reports that washing it prior to use meant that in some instances, drying it out under the sun is not enough

Who Should Buy This

Those who live in areas wherein the climate is neither too hot nor too cold, should definitely consider this comforter. Some people from the colder States, however, may have difficulty sleeping with this comforter, because it does get as warm as you would want it be. Those from the warmer or tropical states may also have issues getting sweaty in the middle of their sleep using this bedding. If you are prone to sleeping too deep and waking up in the morning all sweaty after, you might want to give this comforter a try.


Polyester is a viable alternative to cotton when it comes to covers and comforters. Although, it still depends on a person’s preference and taste. This means that despite the comfort, some folks would still revert back to cotton.

The KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert Twin is a reasonably priced item that you can try to see for yourself if this is a material you would want for other rooms in your home. Considering the material, it is important to note that it has been quite efficient in addressing some issues with sleeping patterns for some customers.