Kyocera Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener Review



Kyocera electric diamond knife sharpener is what you should use for your ceramic knives. This is a battery-powered device that provides the perfect sharpening solution. The electric-powered sharpening stone has the ability to work up to half a millimeter off your knife’s blade. The device has a knife guide slot that ensures your knife is maintained at a fixed angle.

This makes the knife sharpener very user friendly as well as safe. The design is well-integrated with the latest technology, including indicator light for alerting you when the device is on and working. This particular knife sharpener ensures that you not only experience the best knife sharpening, but you also enjoy working out your knives.

Important Features and Specs

This knife sharpener is electric-powered; hence its diamond grinding stone has the ability of taking up to half a millimeter off your knife’s blade. The stone does not take much time to completely get rid of some large chips. When using the sharpener, you should not be worried about your knife sliding of the sharpening angle, since it will be kept at a fixed angle by the knife guide slot.

The sharpener is equipped with an assist roller that is highly instrumental in preventing too much sharpening of your knife, and it also controls even pressure during the whole process. You are completely covered from the grinding dust by a safety cover; the cover does completely contain the grinding and dust. The device is equipped with an indicator light that informs you when it is on and working or when it is off and not working.

The sharpener is designed particularly to work out ceramic knives; however, it provides the best performance with metal knives, as well. The performance of this knife sharpener is highly reliable. Your big knife may have a small nick on it, but be rest assured that the power behind this device will grind it accordingly. This is an impressive knife sharpener, and the best alternative.

This is model DS-50 ceramic knife sharpener that weighs 13.4 ounces, and it measures 6 ¾ D x 5 ½ W x 3 H inches. The device’s measurements and weight makes it ultraportable and very user friendly. The sharpener’s diamond grinding stone is #600-grade. The unit is electric powered, using 4 AA batteries. It has a knife guide slot. There is a replacement diamond sharpening stone that the user can secure for future use. It is equipped with indicator light.


  • The sharpener equipped with auto-adjust capabilities, which makes it easier to completely sharpen a knife. The angle between the two sharpening stones is known to adjust so that it fits the thickness of your knife’s blade.
  • The device uses diamond sharpening stones, which are industrial model. These stones are mainly wear-resistance and they have a high level of hardness. The stones make it easier to sharpen ceramic knives, along with metal knives.
  • The sharpener constitutes a simple design, which makes it very easy to use, particularly for first timers. All you need to do is place the device on a flat surface, make certain it is on, hold it with one hand, and insert your knife into the slot. Then gently and carefully slide your knife backwards for a number of times to achieve the right sharpness.
  • The sharpener is equipped with an assist roller that prevents excessive sharpening, along with safety cover for containing grinding and dust; hence protecting your eyes while sharpening your knife.


  • Kyocera electric diamond knife sharpener is known to work well with bigger knives that have deeper blades, but not with smaller knives with shallow blades.

Who Should Buy

You should buy this product if you have in your possession a blunt ceramic knife, apart from the ordinary metal knives. The sharpener has the ability of instilling razor-sharpness to a ceramic blade that is badly chipped and dull. This is the appropriate knife sharpener to buy if you have been constantly disappointed with the performance of other knife sharpeners.

A feature unique to this unit is the fact that it is electric powered, and all you need are 4AA batteries. The many grinding features installed on the device will without a doubt make it easier for you to successfully sharpen your knives, both ceramic and metallic. The utility level of the sharpener is high, specifically for people with larger blades.


Kyocera electric diamond knife sharpener is a four-star, electric-powered sharpener that provides maximum knife sharpening. The device is well-packed with unique features that are meant to make it easier for you to operate at all times.

Apart from being protected from the grinding and dust by the safety cover, the sharpener’s assist roller ensures that you do not excessively sharpen your knife’s blade. You should choose to buy this sharpener in order for you to stop using blunt knives. Ideally, the unit can be operated effectively by people of different experience levels.