Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer, Purple and White Review



The LADR5604 Soft Bonnet Dryer is a departure from standard hair dryers. Before moving on, let’s make a few points clear. First off, don’t let the fancy product dimensions or name scare you. The device can be purchased from Amazon for a mere $40. That being said, let’s move on to whether you should consider a bonnet style hair dryer over traditional ones.

Important Features and Specs

Soft, All Size Bonnet
If you’ve been over to a saloon, then you’ve probably seen bonnet style hair dryers and if you’ve ever received a hair job with it, then you’d know the difference between standard hair dryers and a professional one. The LADR5604 Dryer comes with a soft bonnet which can be adjusted to fit different sizes. It is set in one standard size and you can use the string with it to reduce its diameter as per your needs.

The bonnet has been termed very comfortable and roomy by customers. Not only that, but also its balanced heat distribution is an upside. You don’t have to worry about having your scalp scorched with the LADR5604 Soft Bonnet Dryer.

Ionizer Technology. The LADR5604 Soft Bonnet Dryer comes with a built in ionizer. This means you the air being blown on to your hair is charged to cancel out electrostatic effects. However, don’t like this ionizer technology to the ones found on traditional handheld hair dryers. All they have is a charged plate through which air passes. The LADR5604 Soft Bonnet Dryer ionizes air for applications beyond simply drying your hair. Examples of these include chemical treatments, conditionings and so on. Your hair will retain its natural looks, shine as well as moisture. If you use the correct heat and speed settings you will minimize hair breakage and dryness by a lot.

Powerful and Efficient Motor. When it comes to bonnet style dryers, there is more focus on power rather than heat intensity. This is exactly what the LADR5604 Soft Bonnet Dryer gives. Its motor can generate a surprising amount of power, given that its estimated wattage is not much more than 500w. Your hair is dried faster while retaining the conditioning and style.

Compact Design. The design at first may appear really simple. However, it is one of the major appeals this product holds. Coming in at ~12 by 13 inches dimension and only 4 inches thick; this is one really compact device. Apart from that it weighs only 3 and half pounds. So basically you are getting a professional device with the same ease of use as compared to a compact hand held hair dryer.

Portability. The carrying case that comes with the LADR5604 Soft Bonnet Dryer makes it very portable. You can easily carry it around when needed. Furthermore, storage and daily usage is a breeze as the whole device can be packed into the carrying case and stored away for later use.

Operating Modes. There are three different settings at which you can use the LADR5604 Soft Bonnet Dryer. One is high (hot), the second and is low (hot) and finally comes cool mode. Cool mode is basically just the motor running with the heater turned off so expect room temperature air.


  • Well designed bonnet. It can fit different sizes and has different applications
  • Portable design. Lightweight and compact dimensions.
  • Ionizer technology doesn’t only cancel static electricity, but also helps retain moisture (conditioning ion technology)
  • Powerful motor with 3 speed settings
  • Easy usage and storing due to the carrying case
  • Well priced for the features it has to offer


  • Hose length is short. A hassle with having to move around the device and/or have a proper area for drying hair. Furthermore the short hose heats up a lot and is unbearable when it touches the neck
  • Hose can come off if pressure is high or the device isn’t put in a particular position
  • High and low settings run into extremes. Either too high or too low.

Who Should Buy

Weighing the pros and cons of this device, it would be suggested that this device is better off in the hands of pros. Professionals have experience with these devices and can easily use them, work their way around the limitations and so on. So if you have previously used a device similar to this then not only will you have no issues operating this, but also be able to benefit from it greatly.

The above statement was given as a precautionary advice. Beginners can also opt for this device; learn how to operate it, taking it one step at a time. The bonnet drastically improves the dryer’s functionality and makes it useful for styling, conditioning and a lot more.


The above review might appear to be tilting to one side. However, that is simply because most people, purchasing this device lack prior knowledge and therefore are unable to correctly operate the product. Once you get the hang of the settings and master the perfect timings to use different heat settings, manage to correctly place the device; you’ll love the LADR5604 Soft Bonnet Dryer. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you want to go for a simple nonsense device or something fancy with loads of options.