Leachco Back ‘N Belly Pregnancy Body Pillow Review



The Leachco has introduced an hour glass shape pregnancy pillow. This pillow gives you the perfect positioning of the body while sleeping. It is really soft and comfortable. You do not need to change the position of the pillow to change your own side. It is perfectly made to give you a complete comfort while sleeping on your back or on sides. This best pregnancy pillow is made up of polyester and the cotton so it is really amazing to use. It also reduces the pressure on your knees and prevents you from back pain and the tiredness.

Features and specifications

The Leachco pregnancy body pillow has following specifications and the features:

  • Comfortable to Use

    The Leachco pregnancy pillow is really amazing to use as it is comfortable. You can adjust it according to the various positioning of the body. It is perfect to use if you lay on your sides or back. It will give you a complete comfort level while sleeping. You do not need to change the position of this pregnancy pillow while sleeping, it is designed in such a way that will allow you to adjust yourself according to your need. In this way it gives a perfect sleep by adjusting your body in a proper way.

  • Reduces the Aches

    The main purpose of a pregnancy pillow is to give you the relief at night especially from the pain of back and legs. Similarly Leachco has designed this pillow in a way that gives the pregnant women a complete relaxing pose. It aligns your hips to make the neutral positioning of the joints. In this way it contours and relaxes your entire body.

    This feature has made this product awesome to use. This cushion can also be adjusted according to upper and lower body needs. You can swirl it to support your back or you can also use it to support the neck or to make it a footrest. Whatever the pose you will choose, you will get a soft and stress-free feeling.

  • Soft Fabric

    This pregnancy pillow is made up of cotton and polyester. This combination of fabric is soft. The outer part of the pillow is made up of cotton while the inner part has the polyester. The polyester filling of the pillow gives you a cozy and soft feeling while sleeping at night. This stuff is also free of any contaminated particles so it is perfect for every type of skin as it doesn’t cause any rashes or allergy. You can use this pillow without being worried of the quality of the stuff.

  • Easily Washable and Removable

    The outer cover of the pillow is easily removable. You can wash it with a washing powder or in a machine. There is also another option to replace the outer cover of the pregnancy pillow.

    If you want to replace the outer cover of the pregnancy pillow then remember to buy it from Leachco, otherwise the other brands will offer you a bad quality cover that may cause the allergy or the rashes. You do not need to take the measurements of the pillow cover, you can simply ask for the Back N belly pillow cover and they will offer you a new one.


  • Perfect body pillow
  • Supports back and belly
  • Comfortable to use
  • Allows various postures of the body
  • Adds comfort to your sleep
  • Relieves the pain and tiredness of the day
  • Aligns the hips to neutralize the positioning of the joints to give the relief from the pain
  • Soft and smooth stuff
  • Removable and easily washable in washing machine
  • Overall a comfy pillow


  • Price of the pillow is comparatively high
  • For the taller people this pillow is small and hardly covers their legs
  • Too soft to use and sometimes it rolls over when a heavier person use it

Who Should Buy

The Leachco pregnancy pillow is especially made for the pregnant ladies; however the other people can also use it to make their nights beautiful and cozy. This product is highly recommended because of its best and endless features. This pillow has got a feedback score of 4.3 out of 5. This product is popular among most of the people, so it is considered one of the best pillows.


The Leachco pregnancy pillow has got the fame because of its best features. Most of the pregnant ladies use this pregnancy pillow because of its soft and allergy free nature. It allows you the versatile positioning of the body. It supports the entire body of a person by aligning your full body.

The neutral positioning of the body makes it relaxed while sleeping at night. So if you are a pregnant lady and facing many problems related to the pregnancy especially the aches, then this pillow is highly recommended to relax your body. It will prevent you from the pain of the legs and back, and it will also allow you to take a proper rest at night.