Levana BABYVIEW20 Digital Wireless Baby Monitor Review



By using a good quality baby monitor, you can significantly reduce your stress and overcome the lack of sleep with high degree of ease even if you became parent for first time or you have a new baby in your family. Baby monitors such as Levana BABYVIEW20 digital wireless baby monitor which I am going to review shortly, can easily be deployed in any area of the house on the wall using the various accessories provided for mounting.

There are too many different models of these baby monitors available in the market and all of them provide the functionality of keeping an eye on the little baby while you are busy in something else in other part of the house. However, it is always good to take a look around and review various monitors and cameras before actually purchasing one for you, so that you can get what is highly suited for your needs and requirement in terms of cost and efficiency.

Important Features and Specs

Following are the various specifications and features of Levana BABYVIEW20 digital wireless baby monitor.

  • You Can Set It Up Within Few Seconds

    To set it up, all you need to do is to switch on the monitor and camera and the system will immediately be ready to use. Within no time, you’ll start seeing everything on the LCD screen whatever is happening in front of camera.

  • ClearVu Technology

    This is a digital wireless system which ensures that you are viewing an extremely clear picture of the baby every time. The audio and video of your baby will remain secure and private and due to the incorporation of digital signal, it ensures that the secured link can’t be intercepted. You can watch your child within or outside your house up to distance of 150 feet.

  • Convenient Portable Monitoring

    The device incorporates monitor which is battery powered thus it is very convenient and easy to carry it around. The rechargeable Lithium ion battery which is included provides up to 4.5 hours of continuous backup, therefore, you can easily move the monitor to various areas of your house.

    It also contains an indicator for low battery which gives you immediate signal when the battery is low and required to be recharged. All you need to do is to plug the monitor into a power outlet to recharge the battery or if you want to use the monitor for longer time period.

  • Twenty Four Hours Monitoring Using Standby Mode

    Levana BABYVIEW20 digital wireless baby monitor provides standby mode which enables you to stay relaxed but get alerted immediately when required. Due to the presence of this feature, the audio and monitor screen gets shut down and will only turn back on if your child makes a noise or starts crying. Once a noise is generated, you will be notified within no time on the monitor and both the audio and the LCD will be switched on immediately.

  • Works Tremendously Both Day and Night

    You can keep your babies under observation at both day and night due to the incorporation of built in night vision. Infrared LEDs keeps outputting the light which is invisible to human eye but can be sensed by the monitor. This night vision has the capability to get turned on automatically in darkness and enables you to watch 15 feet away. During day time, it gets automatically turned off.

  • Freedom to Place Camera Anywhere

    For enhanced portability, the camera has the capability to run on battery. You can also employ the magnetic base of camera for adjustment in order to obtain exactly needed and perfect image of your child. As a result, you can place the camera anywhere and still have the proper view of your baby.


  • Incorporates user friendly baby monitor which can be set up in few seconds
  • Due to the use of digital signal, you can monitor your baby without any interference
  • You can watch your baby with high degree of privacy and security
  • Convenient portable monitor along with rechargeable battery that can provide you continuous working for 4.5 hours without getting recharged
  • Provides night vision on the camera which lets you watch your baby at night


  • Colors are not natural
  • Audio quality is not good enough
  • Customer service is not efficient at all
  • Lack of consistency

Who Should Buy

Levana BABYVIEW20 digital wireless baby monitor is extremely useful for all those who want to keep little baby under observation while being away.


This baby monitor has feedback score of 3.7 out of 5 at Amazon after being reviewed by hundreds of users. It has interference free monitor which requires very little time to set up along with handheld portable parent unit. Because of 2.36 screen, you get decent sized image of your child via camera. Its motor has several terrific features and the equipment overall is really user friendly. It is something that you must seriously consider while buying baby monitor.