Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor with 8 Hour Rechargeable Battery and Talk to Baby Intercom Review



If you ever tried to find the best baby monitor, you could put yourself in a very difficult situation. Some baby monitors are very expensive, and highly quality at the same time, while others with more reasonable prices do not have all required technical characteristics.

Levana Jena could answer to all your requests and can give you the perfect balance between price, quality and design. If you would like to find out what are its main advantages and disadvantages, you should continue reading this article. It will give you all required information about this product, including the comparison with other similar products available at the market.

Important Features and Specs

This is one of the cheapest products available in the market at this moment, but compared to other similar products it has superior technical characteristics. Its main highlight is the long lasting battery that has a working life of impressive 8 hour with the video screen turned on or even 12 hours with PEEP mode turned on. It uses rechargeable lithium ion technology that is one of the most powerful in the field of baby monitors.

PEEP (Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture) mode is comparable with VOX mode (Voice Activated Power Saver Mode) offered by other companies. Its purpose is to save energy and expand battery working life. It turns the video to “sleep” mode if the sound level in baby’s room is below the set value. Immediately after your baby starts making noise, the video is turned on and you can monitor your baby’s activities.

This baby monitor has a working range of 500 Ft. All signals sent from camera to display, and vice versa are transferred into secure, and private signal that will keep the safety of you and your family.

This baby monitor has automatically controlled night vision that will enable creation of clear and precise picture even during the night. Working range of night vision is 15 Ft. As the room gets darker, camera will automatically adjust according to the light level.

Above the mentioned characteristics, this baby monitor has high quality two-way communication. It can help you to make your child calm until you reach the room, or to hear what is happening even though you are in a completely different part of your house. In addition, if you use this feature you can communicate with your partner if he/she is in another part of your house.

Since many studies shown that the perfect temperature condition in the baby room is 68-71° F (20- 21° C), Levana decided to implement temperature measurement in its baby monitor which will indicate when the temperature is below/above the optimal range.

In addition, this baby monitor can connect up to four cameras with one display. The practical importance of this possibility is monitoring of four rooms at once, so if you have a growing family this can be very beneficial for you.

Similarly to many other products, this one has programmed 5 remote-controlled lullabies. They will help you to put your baby asleep. The most important, they can have a remote control, so you can turn them on while you are in the completely other part of the house.

This baby monitor has night light installed in the camera which purpose is to maintain a selected light level in your baby’s room. This option, also, has a remote control.


  • PEEP mode (Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture)
  • 500 Ft working range
  • 8 hours battery life in normal working mode
  • 12 hours battery life in PEEP mode
  • Data encryption
  • Automatic night vision
  • Two-way communication
  • Temperature control
  • No static
  • 5 lullabies
  • Night light
  • Possibility to connect with 4 cameras


  • Cannot use video and audio separately
  • Too intensive light signals
  • Does not have clips for installation on the walls

Who Should Buy

This product is the perfect choice for people with small children and very active way of living. If you decide to buy it you can be sure that you will get highly reliable product for a reasonable price. Additionally, this product should be bought by parents who put a reasonable price in the first place, and does not pay attention on the producer name and reputation. Apart from baby monitoring, you can use this product if you have elderly parents who need continuous care, or if you want to take care of some rooms that you do not use regularly.


In summary, this is one above average product that includes all necessary features. It has very good price, and very good customers’ reviews which are the proof of its quality. It has extended working life of the battery, power saving working mode, and night vision which enables you to take the best possible care of your child.