Levana Sophia 2.4 Digital Video Baby Monitor Review



Finding the best baby monitor is sometimes very stressful, especially if you take into consideration how is it for young parents. Additional stress can be money since getting a baby is very happy, but at the same time very expensive period of your life. Complete expenses for a baby are sometimes enormous, so parents usually look for low-budget, but reliable products that can meet their demands.

Levana Sophia is a product that have above mentioned characteristics.
It is one of the most popular low budget baby monitors, that is categorizes in the group under $100 baby monitors. It has many positive reviews and many parents are more than happy with their choice to buy it. If you would like to find more information about it strongest and weakest points, continue reading this review.

Important Features and Specs

Despite the very low price, this product has technical characteristics of many other costlier. Some of those features are: user friendly parent unit with increased working life of the battery of impressive 48h in power saving mode PEEP, temperature control, night vision of 15 Feet , and 500 Feet working range.

Additionally, similarly to all the other products, this baby monitor can be connected with up to 4 cameras. It has two-way communication, invisible night vision LEDs, and night light. As you can see, this product is completely comparable with many other competitors even though it is categorized as low-budget.

One of the most important characteristics of this product is extended working life of battery when the Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture (PEEP) working mode is turned on. This working mode is very similar to VOX offered by other producers and its working principle is to put the display on standby when the sound level is bellow certain set point for several minutes. After your baby creates the first sounds, the display is again turned on. Basically, in this way baby monitor saves energy and due to it display can work impressive 48h.

Camera has sensors for control of temperature in your baby’s room and the resulting value is indicated on the parent unit. Since the importance of room temperature is unambiguously proven, you should pay attention to keep it in the range 20 – 21 °C.

Levana Sophia has ClearVu digital technology that helps parents to have crystal clear picture and interference-free transmission of a digital signal from 500 Feet. In addition, all transmitted data are encrypted, so parents do not have to think about the safety of their families.

Each parent unit is equipped with LED volume indicators, so if you are in a noisy room you can have visual transmission of your baby’s activities. Typical noise is displayed as green, whereas crying is displayed as red.

With this baby monitor parents have remote control of night light in the nursery, so you can turn it on or off without entering the nursery. In addition, this baby monitor has two-way communication which helps parents to calm down their babies even though they are in the other room. Additionally, parents can set brightness of the display, depending on their needs and surroundings.

Each parent unit can be connected with up to four cameras that are sold separately. This feature is very useful for growing families where parents have to take care of several children at once. Cameras have very sophisticated visual appearance, so you can fit them in every room without problems. The main drawback of these cameras is the fact they do not have possibility to be panned/tilted/zoomed.


  • Low budget product
  • Long-lasting battery (48h in PEEP mode)
  • PEEP working mode
  • Secure transmission
  • Good working range


  • Does not have possibility to pan/tilt/zoom camera
  • Small display (2.4”)

Who Should Buy

This product is a perfect choice for young parents with several children. Having two or more children is very expensive, so this product with its under the $100 price is a very good choice for parents who are looking for low budget products. According to the customers reviews, it is very reliable products, so parents do not have to think about the safety of their babies while using it.

This product can be very useful for people who have to take care of some elderly people. You can put it in the room where elderly spend their time, and you can have direct communication and video transmission in order to help them and fulfill their requests in the best possible way.


In summary, this is another great product offered by Levana with very reasonable price and high quality. It is comparable with many similar products offered for much more money, and due to that many parents buy it in order to optimize their home budget. This product has only one drawback of not having the possibility to pan/tilt/zoom camera, but if you put camera in a good position you can overcome this problem.