Can Lip Balm Darken Lips


Having dry and chapped lips isn’t fun. Apart from being painful, excessive dryness can also lead to bleeding and possible infections. To prevent those things from happening, one good solution is to use lip balms. But with constant use, you’re probably wondering about one thing- can lip balm darken lips?

Lip balms can actually lighten dark lips

In reality, lip balms are supposed to rehydrate and nourish your lips to bring back their natural lusciousness and plumpness. When applied consistently, they can even lighten your dark lips.

However, for them to be effective, you need to make sure that your lip balms are made with safe and gentle ingredients. Using a lip balm filled with harsh chemicals can cause more problems than just dryness.

Fragrance, for example, can cause allergies in some people. Butylated compounds, on the other hand, are considered carcinogenic and toxic to the reproductive and respiratory systems. They can even disrupt your endocrine system.

About lip balms with SPF

Just like the rest of your body, getting your lips exposed to the sun without protection can also cause darkness. So, whether you are already dealing with dark lips or you simply want to prevent them, consider using a lip balm with SPF.