How to Look Better


Sometimes, confidence and complete knowledge of your body from head to toe are the keys on how to look better. With cosmetic surgery out of the equation, we are giving you tips on how to look better without spending thousands of dollars.


When we said that you must know yourself from head to toe, you can actually take this statement literally. Just with your hair alone, having a new style can change how people perceive your face and even your body.

Hair looks even more beautiful when it is healthy and shiny. One way to achieve that is by using one of the best coconut oil products intended for hair care.

  • Face Shape

    Nothing stops you from following a hairstyle you want. However, some people can actually be particular on whether a hairstyle fits their face or not. In case your hairstyle preferences change from time to time, it is best to buy a hair straightener and curler set.

    Women with a heart-shaped face are more attractive with curly or wavy hair since the curls can frame their face really well. They can pull off short hair because of their soft chin. Also, they look perfect with bangs since the structure below the forehead still has a good form.

    Diamond-shaped faces have prominent cheekbones and a sharp jaw. As long as the jaw is softened by the chin-length hair, everything is fine.

    Ladies with a round or square shape need side bangs or layers around the face to contour their facial features. Specifically, their bangs must not be shorter than their chin.

    On the other hand, women with an oval face are lucky because they can sport any hairstyle and ace the look.

  • Body Type

    A lot of hairstyles emerged through the years which can confuse a woman. Considering your body type is a way to make things easier in choosing a hairstyle.

    Tall, skinny women are discouraged to have super-short hair since this kind of hairstyle gives the illusion of a longer body. They look taller than usual if they sport a pixie haircut. That’s why a lot of supermodels cut their hair short to appear taller. For ordinary women, however, height can be distracting in public places. But, if they want to stand out from the crowd, it is not a big deal anymore. Besides, any hairstyle looks great for tall women. It is just a matter of deciding whether to tone down the edginess with longer hair.

    Women with a short neck are not advised to sport short hair. Obviously, short hair emphasizes the neck. As long as the hair is longer than the chin, then that style will look good for short necks.

    Extremely long hair does not look flattering for petite women. It can overwhelm the whole appearance of a short lady. Bobs are highly recommended for petite women for a more sophisticated, mature look.

    Long, wavy hair is considered to be more appropriate for curvy women compared to straight. Straight hair draws attention downwards, emphasizing a plus size body.

    On the other hand, if a woman has a straight body, a super-short hair can give her a masculine or boyish look. Long hair is more appropriate for a straight body type.


Let’s just look at the basics. After all, makeup is intended to emphasize facial features. It is not a mask, so stop hiding your real beauty with inappropriate makeup techniques.

  • Foundation

    Women with normal skin are lucky. They can wear either a liquid or powder foundation. However, for dry skin, liquid foundation is better for hydration, moisture, and smoothness. Meanwhile, oily skin must settle with matte or powder foundation. Powder ensures that the whole face does not shine due to greasy skin.

    When it comes to color, consider the skin tone of your neck, chest, and arms. If you ignore this tip, you might wear a foundation that is too light for your overall skin. You would look awkward with a face that seems separated from your body.

  • Blush

    Powder blush is for powder foundation only. Same goes for cream blush and liquid foundation. If you mix different textures, smoothness is compromised. Just to be safe, mix rose pink and brown to give a more natural color for the blush. Remember that you only need a hint of brown for rosy cheeks. This works for all skin tones.

    Make sure to blend the blush from your cheekbones to the side until it reaches your hairline. That way, the blush looks more natural. Keep blending until the blush matches well with the foundation.

  • Lipstick

    The type of lipstick you would use is all up to you. Matte, however, is very popular nowadays due to convenience. It lasts longer than other types. Sheer or glossy lipsticks can end up staining your teeth. For a more beautiful casual look, ride the trend of nude lipsticks.

  • Eyebrows

    A lot of tutorials emerged to teach women how to apply eyebrow makeup correctly. Here, let’s just focus on the basics. Brush your eyebrows first so you can follow their shape properly. Softly fill in thin areas with an eyebrow pencil. Try to imitate natural hairs with quick strokes. Make sure to choose the color that matches your eyebrows. Then, from the middle of the eyebrow going to its outer tip, darken it with the right kind of pressed powder. Brush the eyebrows to blend the color well. The inner corner should be the lightest part.

  • Eye Shadow

    There are sheer eye shadow products, but matte is better for a more natural look. Universal colors for eye shadow are taupe and brown. To have a classier style of makeup, use plum, mauve and gray. The blending of light and dark colors is the key to make the eye shadow emphasize your eyes’ shape. It is also better to apply an eye shadow primer first to ensure that the makeup stays for hours.

  • Eyeliner

    Your number one enemy when you try to apply eyeliner is smearing. That’s why we recommend pencil eyeliners for efficient application. For a thinner line, longer stay and water resistance, choose gel eyeliners. Keep the pencil or gel as close as possible to your eyelash line. You can make dots along the eyelash line to serve as a guide before you apply the eyeliner.

    To emphasize the darkness of the eyeliner, do not forget to apply mascara on your eyelashes. Make sure to apply the product from the roots to the tips in a left and right motion.


Finally, we are going to focus on the right type of outfit for each body type. Anyone can look better no matter what her size, shape or figure is.

  • Apple Body

    Apple body is a common term for women who have a large torso. Since the torso is located in the midsection of the body, clothes that highlight the middle part are not recommended. Examples are tops with a waist divider, belts, and high-waist bottoms.

    The perfect garments for apple-shaped bodies are skinny jeans or leggings, straight-cut dresses, tunics, and tops with an “empire waist.” The apple or circle body type has slim-looking legs because of the wide torso. That’s why tight-fitting bottoms are advisable. Tunics and straight-cut dresses have no details in the middle, so they can conceal a big torso really well. The empire waist rests right below the bust, making the bottom part of the blouse loose around the tummy.

  • Pear Body

    A pear or triangle body has wide hips that make the shoulders and torso really slim to look at. Many people consider this body type sexy, so over-sized tops must be avoided to prevent the illusion of wide shoulders and torso above wide hips.

    Wide-leg pants look good on a pear-shaped body. Since the bottom part looks wide, it balances with the hips. Stylish jackets with lots of details and tops with wide necklines can emphasize the shoulder and torso.

  • Hourglass Body

    With a small waist in the middle of a wide bust and hips, over-sized tops will just conceal the waist and give an illusion that the bust, waist, and hips have a similar width. High-waist bottoms, wrap dresses, tight V-neck tops and pencil skirts are perfect for hourglass figures. The waist must really be emphasized for balance.

  • Rectangle Body

    The rectangle body looks straight. Since a small waist is already given, the only thing that must be done is to create volume around the bust and hips. Clothes that are too loose or too tight cannot flatter a straight body. Boot-cut pants have a good shape at the bottom part, so they give more curves for the rectangle body. Fitted jackets or blazers, ruffled or detailed tops, and flared skirts are good choices to emphasize the bust and hips.


There are still so many ways available on how to look better, but your hairstyle, makeup, and outfit can already make a big difference. See, you do not have to spend so much money just to appear better-looking than usual. Your confidence and style are enough to wow people despite your physical imperfections.