Should You Put Lotion on Before a Spray Tan


Spray tanning is not a joke. It involves meticulous preparation and maintenance. Speaking of preparation, should you put lotion on before a spray tan?

Moisturizing your skin is crucial before having a spray tan. It can be a factor for a longer-lasting effect. That’s why you may apply lotion all over your body before the process.

However, using lotion as part of your preparation is only optional. It’s not the standard for a spray tan. According to Rockstar Spray Tans Spa, the rule of thumb is to just use a water-based moisturizer – not necessarily lotion.

We can only say that lotion is a must AFTER your spray tan. Your skin will need more moisture because of the product used. After your first bath or shower, start applying lotion twice a day.

Now, if you choose to go for a water-based lotion, be more careful when you check the label. Make sure that it doesn’t contain mineral oil. Mineral oil will just speed up fading or create uneven┬ásections in the form of splotches or patches.

Also, don’t apply lotion minutes before the spray tan. It is ideal to do it hours before the process. The key here is to let your skin absorb the lotion for best results.

In Conclusion

Should you put lotion on before a spray tan?

To be honest, not necessarily. However, the general idea is to apply water-based moisturizer. So, if you find a moisturizing lotion that’s water-based, use it hours before your spray tan.

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