How to Make a Car Go Faster


Everybody wants a fast car but not necessarily the racing type. We are talking about speed that is enough for you to go to work and other places in a shorter amount of time. Latecomers are usually annoying for most people, so let’s do our best to stay away from that predicament. Of course, you have to prepare earlier at home for that to happen. However, another effective way is to know how to make a car go faster than usual.

The most common solution for slow cars is engine replacement. But, it can be too difficult for average DIY car owners. Thankfully, there are other means on how to make a car go faster. Some of them are easy to do and affordable when it comes to replacement parts. The replacement parts, as well as tools required, are accessible online. They can also be bought from manufacturers and automotive repair shops.

Factors for a Faster Car

Before going to the specifics, take a look at these general factors to consider in order for you to achieve the car speed you want:

  • Engine Efficiency

    The engine must be supported well by the system. It should be able to do hard work fast, clearly representing the efficiency we are talking about. It cannot work alone, so it is not the only car part you have to focus on.

  • Weight

    We are referring to the car’s total weight. The perfect example for this is a race car. Race cars look very different from regular cars because they are smaller, made of lightweight materials and have less automotive parts.

  • Electronic Programming

    The electronic parts must work together flawlessly. They are part of a system. The system can be improved by enhancing the transfer of control from one car part to another. If older car models keep on using mechanical parts, they cannot utilize the maximum capacity of the vehicle’s horsepower coming from the engine. Good thing that mechanical parts can be replaced with electronic ones.

  • Combustion

    The two most important factors when engine combustion comes to mind are fuel and air. Both are major reasons why parts work to make a car move. They give force to powerful parts such as turbine blades and pistons. If the engine is able to get more fuel and air, obviously the car becomes more powerful leading to speed. That’s why car upgrades are usually focusing on how to push more fuel and air into to the engine.

How to Make a Car Go Faster

Now that we are familiar with the factors we must achieve for the car to make it faster, let’s check out the specifics:

  • Carbon Fiber

    We stated earlier that a car must be lighter to be faster. Ordinary trunks and hoods are heavy. However, if they are composed of carbon fiber, they become lighter. Just be cautious that the new trunk and hood are specially made for the make and model of your car.

  • Forced Air Units

    For better engine combustion, a good forced air induction system is a great solution. It ensures that more oxygen is entering the engine. One drawback is more on your part: the required budget.

    Forced air units are really expensive. There are two major types of forced air units: superchargers and turbochargers. Superchargers manually forces air to enter the engine. They require professionals for installation because they need a higher level of restructuring on the engine. They can be so big that some need a special hole right in the vehicle’s hood just to have their own area.

    Meanwhile, turbochargers are add-ons to the engine running on gasoline. The car’s exhaust powers them. You need to know everything about your vehicle before purchasing turbochargers because their installation is so complex.

  • Nitrous Oxide

    Another way to add oxygen into the engine is by using nitrous oxide for your car. An innovative feature about this is how it can cool air to make it thicker. However, nitrous oxide must not be used constantly. It only needs to work for a few seconds. It is controlled by a special button installed right inside the car. Nitrous oxide is so powerful that it is banned in some places. If you only need to improve the speed of your car for daily use, do not resort to this. Nitrous oxide is meant for racing professionals and enthusiasts.

  • Exhaust System

    How good is your car when it comes to releasing used energy? In order for the car to operate continuously, the exhaust system must be excellent in promoting energy cycle throughout the vehicle by removing unnecessary elements. One modification for the exhaust system is replacing exhaust manifolds with headers. Headers aim to lessen the engine’s restriction to increase performance. They contribute to a smoother exhaust flow.

    The other option is replacing the catalytic converter with a dual exhaust system. For the disadvantages, modifying the exhaust system can lead to a noisier car. It can also be violating some laws in your area.

  • Performance Chip

    Talking about a more efficient electronic programming, a customized performance chip can help. There is a computer chip designed for the stock fuel injection systems to limit the amount of fuel and air inside the car. The performance chip is the exact opposite of the regular computer chip. That’s why it can enhance fuel mileage, speed, and horsepower.

    For novice car owners, performance chips can be programmed in the first place. However, some pros want chips that can be customized with a special unit to program it. They most likely want to focus on an advanced fuel injection system.

  • Injection System

    Older car models using carburetors require a multi-port injection system to keep up with newer vehicles. The electronic programming for a new injection system is so precise that it can improve both the gas mileage and speed of the car.

  • Air Intake

    An air intake is a pipe with only one filter. It replaces the car’s airbox for more oxygen. It is one of the easiest modifications because you just have to attach it. Installing an air intake only takes a few hours.

  • Electric Fan

    No, we are not talking about the one used at home. Cars have a special fan to avoid overheating the engine. Electric fans are better than mechanical ones based on performance. However, once you add an electric fan in your car, make sure to upgrade the battery and alternator as well.

  • Spark Plugs

    Replacing old spark plugs with new ones is probably the easiest way in making a car go faster. They actually have to be replaced every 30,000 miles.


Almost every modification for your car to increase its speed has a certain disadvantage that might affect the durability and overall performance of the vehicle in the long run. That’s why think carefully on which improvement to apply in your car. You also have to reserve a separate budget for this because some mods affect other parts. You might have to replace one whole system just for the improvement of one part.

Speed will not help if you are lost while driving. You might still get late. That’s why never hesitate to purchase one of the best car phone holders so you can use GPS while staying safe on the road.