How to Make the Best Burger Patty


The main star of burgers will always be the patty. A food cannot be considered a burger if it has no meat in the middle. Sure, there are veggie burgers, but this type of burger still tries to emulate the iconic taste of standard patties. An ideal burger patty is meaty, moist or juicy, and filled with spices. Let’s learn how to make the best burger patty!

Unique Burger Patty Recipes

Before finding out how to make the best burger patty, check out the following recipes in case you want to bring something new to the table:

  • Jackfruit Burger Patty

    Yes, you have read it right – this burger patty contains jackfruit. You are probably thinking right now that jackfruit might be too sticky and sweet as a patty. However, jackfruit can actually be consumed whether it is ripe or not. Ripe jackfruit is the sweet kind. On the other hand, the unripe one has a certain taste similar to meat, making it a popular ingredient for Asian main dishes.

    To bring out a meatier taste for unripe jackfruit, this recipe from DIY Candy mixes the fruit with chickpea or garbanzo flour, onions, ginger, cilantro, curry powder, chili powder or paprika, salt, black pepper, and oil. The finished mixture really looks legit, just like a real burger patty mix.

  • Basil Burger Patty

    This nutritious and refreshing burger patty from Taste of Home’s Jill Christopher is even more delicious when served with onion rolls, cream cheese, and avocado. The overall taste and texture of this burger is similar to an ordinary cheeseburger yet more exciting and enjoyable to eat. This recipe is perfect for barbecue parties.

    The basil for this dish can be either fresh or dried. When mixed with other basic patty ingredients namely olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and ground beef, the taste becomes more unique.

  • Eggplant Burger Patty

    One of the most delicious veggie patties, eggplant patty has a certain charm that can be irresistible even for people who dislike this vegetable. Eggplant is actually a versatile vegetable, especially when mixed with flour and eggs. It does not have an exact taste which is surprisingly helpful for its versatility. The mixture, after cooking it, will have an airy and creamy texture as well as a smoky taste comparable to meat.

    This eggplant burger patty recipe from Cookpad mixes the vegetable and eggs with breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, Mediterranean blend oil, water, and lemon juice to achieve the standard form and taste of regular crispy patties.

  • Chicken Chorizo Patty

    After going through three burger patties that highlight herbs and vegetables, we finally have one unique variation of a patty that is purely composed of meat. However, this time, it is chicken meat and chorizo. Chicken has a mild flavor, so it is perfect to mix it with the stronger taste of the latter. In addition, chorizo keeps the chicken moist.

    The finished product of this recipe from Today’s Alejandra Ramos is so much better if there is an indent in the middle of the burger patty. The indent maintains the form.  When it comes to alternatives, you may use ground turkey or Italian sausage meat. Interestingly, chicken chorizo patty combines well with avocado and lime sauce.

How to Make the Best Burger Patty

The perfect burger patty is juicy, meaty, and packed with spices. It must be full of flavor since the bread does not have a strong taste, and the sauce focuses more on balancing all the elements of the burger. Also, it should not be dry. Bread and dry patties can make you choke because they tend to absorb too much moisture inside your mouth.

One great thing about making your own burger patties is that you can adjust the shape, thickness, texture, and taste from time to time while mixing. For example, if the meat is still too soft to form a definite shape, you can mix additional bread crumbs in it.

Now that you are pumped to learn how to make the best burger patty since homemade food is always better – and burgers are simply heaven inside your mouth – let’s get familiar with this recipe from Allrecipes:

  • Ingredients

    The ingredients we are about to tell you are fit for a 35-minute task inside the kitchen. To be more specific, preparation usually takes 15 minutes while the cooking time is 10 minutes. The remaining time is meant for garnishing and serving. Lastly, the recipe is ideal for eight servings.

    You will need two pounds of ground beef, one beaten egg, 3/4 cup of dry bread crumbs, three tablespoons of evaporated milk, two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, 1/8 tablespoon of cayenne pepper, and two cloves of garlic that should be minced. The simpler the ingredients, the better.

  • Procedure

    First, preheat an electric or outdoor grill over high heat. While waiting for the grill to get steaming hot, use a big bowl to combine the beef, egg, crumbs, milk, sauce, pepper, and garlic. It is always better to do the mixing manually when it comes to burgers. So, do not hesitate to get your hands messy for combining the ingredients. After mixing, proceed to form the eight patties.

    Go back to the grill and spread a minimal amount of oil all over the grate. Each side of the patties just needs five minutes of grilling.

  • Tip

    Since we are aiming to make the patties juicy, you may use an aluminum foil to preserve moisture within the patty. The foil also ensures that the grill cooks the patty evenly. Besides, you do not have to use plates anymore if it is okay for your guests to eat the burgers straight from the foil. No more intense cleanup; that’s for sure!


If you want to create the perfect burger right in the comfort of your home, then aim for an ideal type of patty. The patty is the make or break factor of a burger’s quality. So, keep in mind how to make the best burger patty based on our favorite recipe. You can even try out the unusual recipes we collected. When you get sick of beef, the chicken and chorizo patty can be a fresh start. And who would have thought that jackfruit, basil, and eggplant make excellent patties?

For more intense flavor on your burger patties, you may use a barbecue rub with lots of spices. This type of seasoning is also perfect for people who like spicy food. You may also check out our take on the best cookbook for further recipe options.

On the other hand, for other recipe guides, check out our tips on how to carve a turkey.