How to Make Your Bike Faster


You may be planning on joining a marathon or maybe you just want to impress your biker friends. It would really be nice if your bicycle could go faster whether you have a mountain bike or a hybrid bike. It could also be that you just want to shorten the time of your daily bike commute. Whatever is your reason, there are several ways to make your bike faster. A new bike could also be expensive or you may just really like your bike and don’t want to replace it, so it’s good to try some of the tricks that you can do at home to increase your bike’s speed.

To make your bike faster, sometimes it can be as simple as cleaning your chain or replacing the chain when it’s time. Other times, you may have to make some adjustments to your setup. Whether your bike is relatively new or has been with you for a long time, these tricks work wonders.

Essentials for a Faster Bike

Before you make any adjustments to your bike or start replacing parts, it’s important to ensure that these basic maintenance steps are regularly done to keep your bike running at optimal speed.

  • Clean

    To make your bike faster, it should be clean at all times. A clean bike is a fast bike so don’t let the mud sitting on it for weeks or months. When you keep mud and grime away from your cables, your bike will be more efficient especially during the winter season. It will also save you on costs of replacing the parts in the long run. So, it’s a good practice to clean your bike regularly to make your bike faster and make its life longer.

    The easiest way to do this is to set a routine. You can give your bike a quick wipe down after a ride and schedule a more thorough cleaning after long rides.

  • Keep the Chains Lubed

    You should also not let the chains get too dry. Lubricate them when it’s time. If your chain is well lubricated, your drivetrain will be more efficient. It will also decrease the amount of dirt and grime that your bike chain picks up when you ride on wet terrain.

    Be careful not to put on too much lube as well because it could damage your bike you could get into accidents.

  • Lower the Front

    Aerodynamics is the key to make your bike faster. If you can’t afford to set up an aero bike, you can simply lower the front and ride in a lower, more aerodynamic position.

    In most cases, you can simply remove the fork, take out a couple of spacers and replace the stem.

    Along with this, you must make sure that your saddle height is right. It’s easier to make your bike faster if your saddle is higher and your front is lower.

Steps to Make Your Bike Faster

Once all the necessary basic steps are set, there are some adjustments you can make on your bike to make your bike faster.

  • Adjust Your Tire Pressure

    One of the most important factors to make your bike faster is that your tires are pumped to the right pressure. Ideally, your tires should be pumped at around 100 to 120 psi to make your bike more efficient.

    If your bike runs on tubular tires, you can even go up to 200psi without damaging your tires. Your tires will have lower chances to deform and it will definitely improve its performance.

  • Set Up Aero Wheels

    For those who are willing to spend a little extra cash, you can try replacing your wheels with aero wheels. The best wheels to make your bike faster are those with low spoke count. You will feel the significant improvement as you ride through the wind.

  • Clip-On

    You can also add a clip-on if you want to see dramatic improvements in the speed of your bike. These are tools that you can clip on your bars. What it does is that it gives you an aerodynamic advantage by closing your chest down and reducing the area in your front.

    When adding clip-on on your bike to make your bike faster, make sure that you set them in the right position so you don’t have to adjust your normal saddle height.

  • Adjust Your Gears

    You should also make sure that your gears are properly adjusted. Poorly adjusted gears can affect your speed and it could also give you an uncomfortable ride. Make sure that your gears are working properly and adjust them if necessary. It will increase your drivetrain efficiency and give you more power as you pedal even on steep gradients.

  • Close-Ratio Block

    It’s important that you lessen the gaps between gears to always have the ideal spot on your power curve. Ideally, the cassette should have a one-tooth difference from 14t to 19t. For those who will be climbing steep hills, you will need to lower your gear ratios.

  • Streamline

    Aside from setting up your bike to be more aerodynamic, you can also streamline yourself to help make your bike faster. That means wearing bike gears that will allow you to ride faster. Start with your shoes. You can wear some wet weather shoe cover or those thin Lycra ones. If it’s within your budget, you can even gear up your head with an aero helmet. A one-piece skinsuit also helps. These are low-cost and it will make a significant improvement not only in your speed but also on your overall comfort when riding your bike.

What’s important is that you understand the concept of what makes a bike go fast. It’s about aerodynamics and the overall construction of your bike. A well-maintained bike that is always clean, with parts that are properly functioning will always be faster than a bike that is dirty, have malfunctioning parts, and is not optimally set up. Always make sure to clean your chains regularly and keep it lubricated but not too much. Remember that your front needs to be lower and your saddle height higher to make your bike faster.