How to Make Strong Coffee At Home


If you’re like most people who need caffeine to stay alert, you probably want your coffee strong. And in this post, we’ll show you how to make strong coffee at home.

Pick a darker roast

A darker roast will give you a stronger flavor. Keep in mind that the longer beans are roasted, the stronger their taste becomes. Dark roasted arabica beans are the best in creating strong coffee at home. You can check the roast somewhere in the bag’s packaging.

In case you’re getting your beans from your coffee shop or local roaster, make sure to ask what type of dark roast they have.

Adjust your water-to-grounds ratio

In creating regular brewed coffee, the ideal ratio is 2 scoops of grounds to a cup of water. To make your coffee stronger, you can add more grounds.

Change your brewing method

You’ll get a stronger coffee by using a French press coffee maker or an espresso maker. These two brews quicker so they produce a richer flavor.

Also, keep in mind that the way you maintain your coffee maker can affect the way your coffee tastes. With that, make sure that you know how to clean your Espresso machine and coffee grinder.