Makita LS1221 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw Kit Review



Makita LS1221 is a well-designed compound miter saw that makes it much easier to cut miters and bevels. This is so since the molding can be placed flat on the working table, and the saw can be set to the required miter as well as bevel angles. This is a twelve-inch cutting gear that has the needed capabilities of handling a 4 by 6 work piece at 90°. The unit is fully packed with unique features that are tailored towards proving high quality cuts. The unique features include: carbide-tipped blade, 15-amp high speed motor, and fiber-reinforced polycarbonate coating. Additionally, this miter saw is highly user-friendly, resourceful and versatile.

Important Features and Specs

This compound miter saw is designed to meet your expectations, since it combines the performance, power, along with the ease of use for making simple but accurate miter cuts. This includes a number of applications, such as framing, woodworking, deck building, and cabinetry. The unit is installed with a powerful 15 amp motor that provides the best performance with maximum speeds of up to 4,000 RPM.

The motor is designed never to bog down; and the incorporated electronic speed control keeps up constant speed under load. A feature unique to this miter saw is its large capacity, which provides accurate miter and bevel cuts. The unit’s large cutting capacity is 3-7/8 by 6 inches at 90°. This miter saw’s pivoting fence is 4½ inches tall, and has the capacity of cutting 5½ inches for crown molding. In addition, it has a pivoting fence, particularly designed to support larger stock.

The unit is installed with nine positive stops located on either left or right at 15°, 22½°, 31.6°, and 45°; and 0° for 90° cuts. The miter saw’s accurate cuts are further guaranteed by the well-designed aluminum base. Unlike other miter saw in the market, this one is designed to be used by all experience levels. It is integrated with a horizontal D-handle, which makes it easy as well as comfortable to operate the machine.

As far as general performance is concerned, this miter saw is the best in class for different applications. The many applications this unit can be successfully employed include: flooring applications, finish carpentry, case and base installations, professional woodworking, and cabinetry. Generally, LS1221 uses the latest cutting technology that promises the best performance.

Makita LS1221 measures 26.7 by 22 by 18 inches, and it weighs 50.4 pounds. The miter saw is powered by corded electricity, and its design color is silver. The 45° crosscut maximum capacity on the left is 5.5. The 90° crosscut maximum capacity on the right is 6; while the 90° crosscut maximum capacity on the left is also 6.This specific miter saw falls under bench and stationary tool type. You are provided with a table length of 8.5 inches, and a table width of 24 inches. The machine’s voltage rating is 120 volts, amperage rating is 15 amps, and it has an arbor size of 5/8.


  • The 15-amp motor is engineered to provide speeds of up to 4,000 RPM; hence proving you with improved miter and bevel cutting performance.
  • The unit’s large cutting capacity and the 4½ inches tall pivoting fence make certain that you achieve precise miter cuts, along with bevel cuts.
  • The horizontal D-handle design makes it easier to use the miter saw by providing you with all the comfort you need when handling the saw.
  • The miter saw’s design is engineered to be used in a large number of applications, including cabinetry, woodworking, and flooring applications among others.


  • This miter saw is not installed with laser guides; hence it may not be convenient for some users.

Who Should Buy

Makita LS1221 is the most ideal cutting gear for a person who loves woodworking and carpentry. This miter saw provides plenty of power, easy to change blade, easy-to-handle knobs, and resourceful side extensions. You should buy this unit if you are tired of trying out the performance of other conventional models in the market. One of the key features that should make you choose this unit is the zero-clearance throat plate, which effectively and conveniently gets rid of tear-out. This is the only unit that has a top notch upgraded blade for improved performance.


LS1221 is a unique cutting machine among the many compound miter saws you will find in the market. Ideally, you do not need to go through a bunch of reviews to be certain of the performance of this unit, since its cutting capabilities have been proven over and again by many users out there. Well, apart from it having a large capacity, it provides you with the exact features that you have been looking for all this time.

As you have read through the review, LS1221 has individual features, which contribute positively to the end result. In fact, each feature guarantees you success before you even switch on the miter saw.