Manual Vs. Electric Coffee Grinder: Which One Is Better?


For people who love coffee, they want every part of their coffee-making process as perfect as possible. This includes finding the perfect coffee grinder. If you are feeling confused about which type to make, here’s a quick manual vs. electric coffee grinder overview to help you decide.

Pick an electric grinder if:

  • You are comfortable spending more money on a grinder
  • You love drinking coffee beverages with fine granules or espresso
  • There’s enough kitchen space for a bigger machine
  • You want something that works quick
  • You like a machine that’s easy to use and set up

Pick a manual grinder if:

  • Your budget is tight
  • You want to put more effort and time into making your coffee
  • You need something that won’t take a lot of space in your kitchen
  • You want coffee beverages with coarse granules
  • You love pour-over coffee

In Conclusion

Picking the right grinder will come down to your personal taste and the benefits you’ll get. This is one good reason to really rely on what you want and not what most of the people you know are using. Do your research and find out everything you need to know about a product.

If you still can’t decide, here’s a video you can watch:

And once you find the best coffee grinder for you, learn how to make the best-tasting coffee at home. Additionally, learn how to clean your machine properly with this guide.