Is Mascara Bad for Eyelashes


If you want longer and fuller eyelashes, apply mascara. However, since it’s still makeup, you’re probably wondering if it’s really safe to use. So, is mascara bad for eyelashes?

It depends on the formula

Generally, the things that make mascaras are basic. There are wax, iron oxides, and pigments and they aren’t that damaging to your fragile hairs. What can cause problems is the formula.

Waterproof mascaras tend to be more damaging not just to the lashes but the eyes, too. It’s because they are harder to remove and they generally require more rubbing when you take them off.

If you really need to use waterproof mascaras, choose a gentler version or invest in a really good eye makeup remover. Don’t sleep with your mascara on since they can dry your lashes out.

Now, although the ingredients that make mascaras are considered safe, not every brand uses them. Some utilize ingredients, like parabens and sulfates, that can cause problems to your health in the long run.

To avoid them, be extra careful in reading ingredients and don’t just use mascaras just because tons of people are using them. Do your research to find out the best mascara for you. Some of them can temporarily lengthen the lashes while others can add curl and volume.