Can Massage Chairs Hurt Your Back


You’re planning to experience the benefits of a massage chair, but something’s bothering you. So, to help clear things, let’s give an answer to this: can massage chairs hurt your back?

The thing is, massage chairs have the potential to relieve back pain. However, they still have the tendency to trigger pain. Why is this even possible?

Muscles get stressed, too.

It’s kind of ironic how muscles get tense after a good massage. This can be considered a natural reaction, though.

Based on Dr. Alan Weidner’s explanation, muscles that aren’t used to massages react badly to sudden stimulation. So, if your back muscles have been “sleeping” for a long time, brace yourself for a pain that can last for several days.

The key is to undergo multiple sessions.

Don’t let the pain stop you from enjoying the benefits of massage chairs. If you don’t have a serious health condition related to your back, try your best to go through your first massage sessions.

Your entire body will eventually get used to the stimulation. Just be tougher and more patient.

In Conclusion

Can massage chairs hurt your back?

Yes, there’s a possibility. But that’s only applicable if your back muscles aren’t used to massages. Massage chairs are still great for relieving back pain.

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And if it’s your lower extremities that are hurting, why not consider getting a foot massager? It offers a handful of benefits you might find surprising.