Masterbuilt 20070311 40-Inch Top Controller Electric Smoker Review



Masterbuilt 20070311 forty-inch top controller electric smoker keeps a constant temperature from hundred Fahrenheit to two hundred and seventy five Fahrenheit, along with an in-built meat temperature probe. This is the best manufactured smoker, since it already has industrial-quality thermometer built into the lid.

The key idea behind this unit is containing the heat in the interior of the smoker, and ensuring that it stays there for maximum smoking effect. This smoker has constantly been receiving positive reviews, this is mainly due to the many features and specs it exhibits.

Important Features and Specs

Masterbuilt 20070311 has a fairly spacious cooking space of 975 sq. inches, accompanied by 4 chrome-coated racks for cooking a considerable amount of meat conveniently; in addition to 1,200-watt heating element. Features unique to this smoker include RF remote control, time, on/off and meat temperature.

This electric smoker is equipped with thermostat temperature range that extends from 100°F to 250°F; this range ensures that your meat or seafood cooks properly. The unit’s remote control makes it easier to control the smoker remotely. Masterbuilt 20070311 has the best woodchip loader, which is built of smart design. The woodchip loader is instrumental in maintaining the much needed heat inside the unit by allowing you to sufficiently load woodchips. The unit’s assembly is quite easy, especially when all the screw holes are aligned accordingly.

This electric smoker measures 25.6 by 19.3 by 41.3 inches, and it weighs 65.7 pounds making it compact as well as lightweight. With the unit’s built-in wheels and handle, along with its suitable measurements and weight, you can easily move it from one location to another without any problems.

The smoker’s design is all-encompassing as far as appearance is concerned. It is incorporated with a large front window made of stainless steel. The window provides you with a clear view of your food as it cooks on the racks. The unit is fitted with interior light for inspecting the food as it cooks.


  • The unit’s overall control system is user-friendly, since it allows you to control as well as change the time and temperature despite the distance you are from the smoker. The digital thermometer helps you maintain the correct temperature to avoid over-smoking.
  • Masterbuilt 20070311 40-Inch is well-insulated; therefore, you can rarely get seriously burnt, in the event that you accidently bump onto the smoker. In addition, the insulation ensures that the interior temperature is maintained appropriately.
  • The smoker is equipped with four extra-large racks for placing your food, a removable drip pan; in addition to a side wood chip loader. All these elements combined make cooking for the family quite impressive.
  • The unit’s operation is economical. It operates on electricity, along with a few amounts of wood that make it affordable when compared to charcoal smokers.


  • The smoker’s heating element has a tendency of burning out after a few rounds of usage, and it is not easy to replace, since in most cases there are no spares in stock.

Who Should Buy

Masterbuilt 20070311 is the best electric smoker model to buy when you wish to cook large amounts of food at once. Furthermore, it is the convenient choice for large families, and gatherings, such as a party. The smoker allows you to smoke large amounts of meat, chicken, and so on. However, the quality of the food you smoke is extremely high regardless of the quantity. Firsthand experience with Masterbuilt 20070311 will surprise you.

Apart from the heating element and its replacement issues, the unit features so many traits that you will definitely like. The unit is fitted with a digital thermometer, which lets you view as well as control the temperature digitally; therefore, you do not need to open the unit’s door to confirm the temperature. The smoker’s insulation is amazing; ideally, it’s one of the traits that will make you admire this smoker.

Apart from maintaining the temperature within the unit, the insulation protects you from burning whenever you accidently bump onto the smoker. Of all the smokers in the market, this is the only smoker that requires a small amount of wood chips to provide you with maximum smoking experience. This makes it very economical when compared to other smokers, especially the charcoal smokers.


Masterbuilt 20070311 is the best digital electric smoker for instant cooking. This smoker has proven to be useful to so many people. Your decision to buy this unit will not be a mistake. The unit is not only economical, but also user friendly. Unlike other smokers, this one is fitted with a digital thermometer, which makes it easier for you to regulate the temperature effectively. In addition to this, this unit is spacious enough to accommodate food for the whole family or a party, and the like. As far as this smoker is concerned, your expectations will be fulfilled completely.