Are Maternity Support Belts Safe for Baby


The idea of wearing a tight, wide belt during pregnancy seems too harsh for a developing fetus. However, don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Are maternity support belts safe for baby?

A little tightness won’t hurt your baby.

As long as you feel comfortable with a maternity belt on, your baby is A-OK. This belt is actually designed to be a bit tight to perfectly support your belly, hence relieving back pain.

However, it is crucial that you must choose a belt with an appropriate design. A pregnancy belt should end up on the lower part of your belly. Don’t use products marketed as “maternity belts” but will surely cover your entire belly like a corset.

Additionally, it is your responsibility to study the product’s instructions. The wrong usage can make unnecessary areas around your stomach tight. This could actually harm your baby.

The tight fabric around the upper part of your belly is dangerous.

If an expecting mom fails to read the product’s directions and places the pregnancy belt directly on her belly, her baby might suffer from abnormalities.

Based on BabyMed’s warning about tight maternity belts, if your belly during the gestation phase encounters direct pressure every day, your womb might get deformed.

An abnormally-shaped womb will provide less space for your baby. If that happens, the normal development of your baby will be affected. Another horrible scenario that might happen is a premature birth.

In Conclusion

Are maternity support belts safe for baby?

Yes – even if it gets tight for a bit! However, make sure that the belt’s placement is correct around your body, specifically right above your hips. Appropriate placement is always on the lower part of your belly.

There are also support belts for postpartum recovery. Check out the best belly bands you may use after pregnancy! As a bonus, here are ideal maternity bras for better chest support to prevent back pain.