Maxi Cosi Mico AP Infant Car Seat Review



Maxi-Cosi has made a new car seat for infants weighing less than 22 pounds that can provide both a safe and comfortable ride to the baby. As new parents you are always worried about your child’s health and protection as well as well being. You want to give him or her best and pamper it to the fullest. This is the sole reason why you will need these car seats that will keep your baby safe and secure even on its first ride home. Now you will not have to carry your baby in the car. Let this Maxi Cosi car seat do it for you when you drive your vehicle.

Features and Specifications

The maxi cosi car seat is made for infants who are less than or near to 1 year old. During that time period your child needs extra protection against everything ranging from holding it the right way to taking care of his or her nutrition and diet.

All your time and attention is laid on your newest member and this is what the baby needs as well. Then why not care for the baby while you are traveling too? The new Maxi Cosi car seat not only makes your job easier of carrying your baby around while you are driving your car but also keeps it comfortable and secure. So you can drive away with satisfaction and confidence that your child is under protection.

  • Air Protect Technology

    The maxi cosi car seat has a special foam that is made up of air protect technology. This new age technology is path breaking as it allows your child to sleep in it just as comfortably as it was sleeping in its bed. The foam helps to cushion the baby just right and support its axial skeleton which helps to put the baby to sleep.

    This is important and useful as you don’t want your child to be crying and wailing back there causing you discomfort while driving your car. It also absorbs extra force and creates that impression as if your child is somewhere in a stationary bed and not in a car. Through this technology any bump on the road will not wake or disturb your child up and you will enjoy a peaceful ride to work in the morning.

  • Comfortable

    Apart from the air protect technology that protects your baby from all other forces or energy that strike the car, the car seat is made up of premium fabric that also helps in making the car seat more and more comfortable. Every baby’s skin is very delicate and this is the reason you massage your little one with lotions and oils made specifically for baby’s skin.

    The car seat is hence made with such fabric that is hypo allergenic and does not cause any skin reactions to your little one. Apart from preventing rashes the fabric is also very soft to touch and doesn’t hurt the skin of the baby while he is lying down on it. There are extra padding that help to cushion and support the baby through the ride too. You can remove these pudding’s once the baby grows.

  • Hand Carries System

    The car seat can be carried by hand if you want, an additional handle is also provided. It is ergonomically designed; so that your grip fits right on it and it doesn’t hurt your wrist at all. This feature helps to make the product more versatile as you can either use it as a car seat or as a hand carry. It’s up to your choice.

  • Stroller Option

    Another feature of this versatile product is that it can fit right into a stroller and you can carry your child around if you wish. This is a great feature for those who want to carry their child with them but without carrying them in their hands.

    The stroller option keeps your hand free to use and also keeps your child in the most pampered and supportive position. Another great part is that unlike other car seats this one not only just fits in the stroller made by Maxi Cosi but also by other manufacturers. So now you don’t have to be restricted to one kind of products you can increase your product range according to your wish and likening.


  • Air protect technology
  • Protects from side impact
  • Additional padding for support
  • Rear ward facing
  • Stroller adjustable of any kind
  • Hand carry
  • Canopy for sun protection and weather shield
  • Premium fabric


  • Only for children less than 22 inches, or who weigh less than 22 pounds
  • Expensive than others in the market today

Who Should Buy

If you want to buy a car seat that promises to support your child as well as keep it comfortable then this is great product. With its air protect technology foam it reduces forceful energy from side impacts and makes even a bumpy ride a smooth one for the child.


Great for all kinds of strollers is the best feature of this car seat, else apart it is a little bit more expensive than other products in the market and if you want you can get similar products that are priced less, but if you don’t want to be restricted in to buying the same products strollers then this car seat is good for you.