Meco 5029 Stainless Steel Electric Combo Water Smoker Review



Meco 5029 electric combo water smoker provides three hundred and fifty one square inches of smoking area. This electric water smoker is fitted with a one thousand five hundred watts heating element that produces the needed heat within the unit.

The smoker’s design is a cylindrical one with a dome-shaped lid that has a cool to touch wooden handle on top of it, and it also has a couple of side wooden handles. The smoker is not integrated with wheels, but it has metallic stands for firm support. The unit is equipped with two side doors for easier operation, particularly when adding water.

Important Features and Specs

This electric water smoker is installed with a convenient cooking area that measures three hundred and fifty one square inches. This is enough cooking space for your pork, seafood, chicken and turkey. This product is highly durable, due to its stainless steel design material.

Apart from containing the heat within the unit, stainless steel is effectively resistant to rust. This is a significantly portable electric water smoker, since it only weighs twenty two pounds. With such a convenient weight, you can easily carry and reposition the smoker using its cool to touch side wooden handles. The top dome-shape lid provides a suitable top seal for locking in smoke and flavor.

This ensures that your food is well-smoked and it obtains the appropriate flavor. This electric water smoker is installed with sliding side doors, which allow you to effectively check on the water as well as add water and load wood chips without necessarily opening the top seal. The smoker has a manageable in-built temperature gauge, along with flavor passages that sufficiently direct smoke. This ensures that your food receives maximum flavoring and smoking.

Meco 5029 electric water smoker is powered by electricity, and it is made of stainless steel material. This smoker weighs 22 pounds, and it measures 18.5 by 18.5 by 18.5; this makes it compact and lightweight. The unit is fitted with a one thousand five hundred watts heating element that produces the required heat, and it does not leak heat easily.

This smoker is equipped with strong as well as reinforced steel legs that not only add extra strength, but also durability to the smoker’s design. This electric water smoker uses a standard 120V outlet, and you can plug it in any AC outlet. The unit’s barbecue grill type is electric grill, its heater type is electric, and its oven type is also electric. In addition, the smoker is equipped with a power cord that is long enough to allow you to plug into the wall socket, while the smoker is strategically positioned.


  • Meco 5029 electric water smoke provides a sufficient cooking area of three hundred and fifty one square inches, which is enough cooking space for accommodating a variety of foods, including pork, chicken, fish, and turkey.
  • The smoker’s design is made of stainless steel. This provides the needed insulation to ensure that the cooking heat is contained within the unit for maximum smoking.
  • The unit weighs only twenty two pounds, making it conveniently light to carry and transport. With the help of the wooden side handles, you can easily transport the smoker from one location to another.
  • The smoker is equipped with sliding side doors for effectively adding water as well as wood chips without opening the top seal, and it is also equipped with reinforced steel legs for firm support; in addition to a significantly long power cord for easy plug in.


  • It is a bit challenging to secure the correct models of the replacement controller and coil for this water electric smoker.

Who Should Buy

You should buy Meco 5029 electric water smoker if you are after a sleek smoker design and quality performance. This unit is well-packed with unique features that have been put to use and found to be effective.

A feature unique to this smoker is its sliding doors, which provide you with easy access to the interior of the unit to check on water; add water and load wood chips sufficiently without you interfering with the top lid. The stainless steel material is reputable as far as containing heat within the unit is concerned. The side wooden handles, in addition to the top lid wooden handle are all in position to help with easy transport and operation of the unit. With that said, the unit is worth every penny.


Meco 5029 electric water smoker is a great choice for all experience levels. For nearly two hundred U.S. dollars, you are presented with the opportunity of operating a simple and reliable electric water smoker. The various features will benefit you in different ways, while aiming to produce a delicious and yummier end food product.

The smoker’s top seal helps to contain the juices within the unit. The juices effectively moisten and add flavor to your food; thus increasing the food’s general taste. This is an easy to operate smoker that will present you with a great deal of smoking experience.