Medela Manual Breast Pump Review



Some mothers need breast pump all the time to be with them, even when they are travelling or not at home the reason being that they find breast feeding difficult and they couldn’t express milk easily. On the other hand, some mothers do not need breast pump always for expressing milk even when they are travelling with their babies. To them a breast pump being light in weight with a reasonable price is sufficient.

Medela pump is made for this purpose it is manual and it is not to use for lengthy period of time. Mothers can be placed anywhere for use. Mothers can use it at the back of the car when the pump is needed or at home in closet.

Features and Specifications

Manual pumps as the name suggest don’t neither need to be plugged nor need batteries. You need to keep few things in mind while using manual pump because their user guide is different from electric pump user guide. A good knowledge for operating the manual options of the pump is also needed.

  • Efficient

    Breast pump is efficient. It gives more quantity of milk in less time. It makes you feel relax. It has two phases of expressions. The reason is that initially to start the flow of milk the baby suck fast and light but with the passage of time baby suck slowly and deeply so that he can get maximum milk. Breast pump is able to work in both phases. It is comfortable for both the baby and especially the mother.

  • Easy to Utilize

    The breast pump is easy to use. Mothers prefer pumps that are easy in usage. It is soft and efficiently rotating handle so that pumping becomes comfortable and efficient. Handle is such that it has a solid hand grip. The handle’s rotating mechanism would allow you to select the angle in which you feel comfortable. It will make it more efficient and mother can feed her second baby at the same time.

    The Manual pump is such that it can easily be converted into an electric pump when needed. For that purpose you just need some extra accessories. Those accessories are Shield to protect breast, breast pump, bottle to store milk which is BPA free along with a lid, a regulator, membrane and some extra membranes along with the booklet of instructions.

  • Portable

    Another important thing to consider is that the pump is portable. It can easily be transported along with the mother when she is moving around. Its weight is very light so that it can be taken easily anywhere. It does not occupy much space so that you can put it easily in your purse. It is easy to place anywhere in case when your baby cries for the feed.

  • No Fear of Contact with BPA

    Breast pump is such that it does not allow the milk to be in contact with BPA. It is a plastic used in bottles and many other products. BPA is not good for human health which includes small babies also. So the breast pump is such that those parts of this product which come in contact with breast milk are not in contact with BPA.


  • It is made of plastic
  • It is made in USA
  • It has two phase expressions
  • It is light in weight
  • It works efficiently


  • It’s power of suction is low
  • Quality is not good
  • Make you exhausted

Who Should Buy

Working mothers are always busy so they need a breast pump that has more power and it is comfortable as well. Medela works efficiently as well as it is easy to use, it fills the bottles easily. It is best to use for busy mothers. It can be used easily so that the mothers on the move can place it anywhere.

As it handles are rotatable so you can easily pump it with one hand while carrying your baby on the other hand. Mother can upgrade it into electric pump if they find difficulty in usage. So those mother who uses electric pumps before and are now facing difficulty with the manual one they can use the Harmony to convert it into electric pump.

Mothers who find cleaning difficult will not have much parts to clean. As its manual so there is no need of plug in again and again. It will make pumping easy and save time to mothers. Mothers who are on the move can place it on their purse.


So the good pump has reasonable price. It is comfortable to use and not making noises while using. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump is indeed one of the best pumps available in the market. It is comfortable to use for the mothers who find breast feeding uncomfortable. Its two-way expression copy the baby’s sucking style which stimulates the flow of milk. It is not suitable for dishwashers and microwaves so need to keep away from it.