Medela Pump Breast Pump Backpack Review



If you are a mother and you really want to breastfeed your child so that your child can enjoy the healthy life. You may need a breast pump at any time in future. It gives Mom freedom and comfort; she can feed her child any way she likes because breast pump will increase the flexibility.

It will keep your baby active when he/she is awake and he will even sleep well when he got feed through breast pump. This article is only for mothers on electric breast pump. It will help mothers to buy the best electric breast pump for their baby so that they will not waste their money on useless products. Moreover they will buy the pump easily available at every market.

Important Features and Specs

You always want to buy a breast pump that is easily available everywhere. And whose parts are available easily everywhere in case of replacement just like Medela Pump in Style Advanced, which has got all these features. These features are very important only a mother who has a baby to feed can understand well. Here are few things to keep in mind before buying breast pump.

  • Comfortable

    First thing to keep in mind is that pump must be comfortable. Some mothers pump quite a lot in a single day so the pump should be comfortable with their breasts. If a mother is using pump three or four times a day it should still not be painful for them. The pump should be adjustable easily. The pump should have power suction system so that it will remain comfortable with the mother’s breast and will not cause pain to her.

    Suction power of a pump is very important. If you buy a cheap breast pump, you can control the speed of pumping with that pump easily but it will not give you the control over suction power. But through Medela in Style Advanced you can control both these features easily.

  • Portable

    Another thing to keep in mind is that breast pump should be portable while traveling. So the pumps should work in such a way that they can store the milk for later and keep it cool as refrigerators for at least up to 12 hours. It will be very helpful even if you are pumping during work. It should facilitate like a refrigerators keeping the breast milk cold for hours.

  • Time-Saving

    The next thing to keep in mind is that breast pump should work fast and it should save time also. Pumps should be modern double breast pump that works very fast and finishes quickly the session of pumping. Time is very precious especially for the mothers who work outside or inside the home. Pump should save their time.

    It should be fast enough to end the pumping session within 5-10 minutes. Pumps should be able to clean easily. It is very important that the tubes of the pump should be clean.

    The pump should work automatically, so that pumping of the milk could be faster. After pumping it should slow down automatically. This automatic feature of the pump increases the milk production and its flow. Breast pump with all these features is the best pump and it will not let you switch to any other pump which is lack in these features.

  • Silent

    Another important thing which mother’s should keep in mind while buying the breast pump is that it should be quiet and it shouldn’t have any sucking noise. It should not give any kind of noise to the people around you. If you are using that pump at night it should not disturb other person sleeping beside you. It should not disturb your baby as well if your baby is sleeping, it should work so quietly without waking him up.


  • Protect the breast
  • Double pumping work faster
  • Chargeable
  • Run on AA batteries also
  • Easy to use with one-touch button


  • Motor exhausted after 6 months
  • Batteries are not good

Who Should Buy

Medela Pump in Style Advanced is user friendly. It is pretty comfortable. It will supply the feed even when you are far from your baby. It is very comfortable adjust with breast easily. The let- down feature makes it even more comfortable. It is suitable for the mothers who are working and are away from their child. It is best for those mothers who feel pain by using other pumps frequently. It is good for the mothers who want to control the speed of suction and as well as the power of suction.

As it is one of the most important features of the breast pumps. It works automatically so it saves the time of the busy mothers. It is also easy to clean. If the mother is in the hospital then it is not good to use over there. It will make them uncomfortable. But still it’s very good, easy to use, user friendly device. The company which made this breast pump is very trustworthy. So it is best for mothers.


Medela Pump in Style Advanced is breast pump made for mothers who pump frequently in a day usually 4-5 times. It is provided with many facilities like tote bag. Tote bag has motor in it. Moreover it has adapters for plug in purpose. It can works on batteries as well. In order to store the milk it contain insulated cooler bag which act as a refrigerator. It will make the milk easy to transport.

Cooler bag has ice bags which keep the content cold. Bottles are also available in the kit to store milk. Tubes are the important part of the breast pump. Milk is passed through these tubes. Guide pamphlet is also provided with the pump.