Are Memory Foam Mattresses Better than Spring


With more and more people choosing memory foam over spring mattresses, you can’t help but think if one type is indeed far superior than the other. Are memory foam mattresses better than spring?

Memory foam mattresses are more comfortable

No wonder memory foam mattresses are in-demand nowadays. They’re ideal for all kinds of people, especially the ones who suffer from health conditions. According to the popular brand GhostBed, they promote even distribution of body weight to relieve back pain and other similar problems.

What happens when you lie on a spring mattress, anyway? Some crucial parts of your body can’t be supported by the bouncy coils. That’s clearly not the case for memory foam.

Memory foam mattresses are more durable

High-quality memory foam can retain its form for several years. It doesn’t sag, unlike spring mattresses.

In addition, you don’t have to rotate and flip memory foam mattresses frequently. They only require an interval of six months.

In Conclusion

Are memory foam mattresses better than spring?

When it comes to comfort and durability, memory foam mattresses are definitely better than the spring type. They’re more expensive, but you won’t regret buying one.

Despite their differences, memory foam and spring mattresses both need regular cleaning. We have tips you’ll surely find helpful.

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