Do Menstrual Cups Leak


People say menstrual cups are the next big thing in the world of feminine hygiene. So, you can’t help but wonder if these tiny cups are indeed more effective for leakage protection. Do menstrual cups leak?

Unfortunately, yes. However, a couple of factors make this possible. You can even control them.

Take a look at the following reasons why menstrual cups leak:

The menstrual cup is too small for your flow

If the menstrual cup has a small capacity, it obviously can’t hold too much fluid. This is a huge problem during “heavy” days.

You clearly need a bigger menstrual cup for heavy flow. If it’s too uncomfortable for you, there’s no other way but to do the alternative.

Empty the cup and insert it again.

We hate to break it to you, but that’s something you’d find inconvenient when you’re in a public restroom.

The last resort is to just wear a tampon or pad during heavy days. Speaking of tampons, you might want to know if menstrual cups are safer than them.

The menstrual cup is not inserted properly

Seriously, you need to learn how to insert a menstrual cup before using it outside your home. You can’t just put it anywhere in your vaginal canal.

The cup’s opening should be right under the cervix, according to the brand FLEX Fits. You should also know how to fold it during insertion for better control.

Watch the video below to know more about proper insertion:

In Conclusion

Do menstrual cups leak?

That’s a big yes. Luckily for you, as long as you know how to insert the cup correctly, you’ll have no problems.