Are Menstrual Cups Safer Than Tampons


Menstrual cups are typically made from a soft and flexible material. Instead of absorbing blood, they collect it. Because of how they work, you might be wondering about one thing: Are menstrual cups safer than tampons?

It Depends On The User

While menstrual cups offer a lot of benefits, its safety will still depend on the user.

If you wash your hands frequently and you change your menstrual cup diligently, then it carries a high safety level. Not wearing one for more than 6 hours also makes it safe to use.

Take note that those are the same set of precautions you’re advised to follow if you’ll be wearing a tampon. This is because both tampons and menstrual cups can put you at risk of developing Toxic Shock Syndrome.

A menstrual cup, even if you wash it three times, can still contain a good amount of Staphylococcus Aureus after 8 hours. They are the infectious bacteria often linked with TSS.

Because of that, it’s not enough that you simply wash and rinse your menstrual cup after use. It’s better if you can invest in a second one so you can sterilize your used cup to completely eliminate bacteria that can compromise your health.