Michley LSS-202 Mini Sewing Machine Review



Cute would be the perfect word to describe a mini sewing machine like the Michley LSS-202. Michley has been traditionally known to produce highly affordable and easy to use sewing machines in a market that is dominated by versatile and advanced sewing machines.

The Michley Lil’ Sew & Sew LSS-202, as it’s officially known, is a pretty useful sewing machine for small projects and fix jobs. The sewing machine has been received well by users as it is possibly one of the most affordable models available in the market today. That being said, industry experts and professional level users still have their concerns over whether Michley has what it takes to compete with the big names in the industry.

Important Specs and Features

The Michley LSS-202 mini sewing machine is probably the most lightweight and compact sewing machine available today in the market. It weighs just 1 pound and 3 pounds with the shipping weight, and has measurements at 7.1 x 10.2 x 8.3 inches. This r makes it a very small sewing machine, which automatically eliminates any expectations of the LSS-202 being practical with even moderate stitching jobs.

The Michley LSS-202 is quite easy to set up and comes with 42 piece sewing kit. Threading on the sewing machine is rather odd and can be difficult for new users. The sewing machine has the tendency to flip when the hand of the user goes against it while threading. However, the sewing machine is pre-
threaded, so you can always have a look at it and then replicate the threading.

The LSS-202 mini sewing machine comes with a top drop-in bobbin system that can be a useful feature for some of the old school users. You can either start the sewing machine using the hand switch or the foot pedal. It comes with a thread tension screw that is featured on the front of the sewing machine.

The thread tension is quite easy to adjust and allows users to have varying degree of stitch tension on areas where it is required to match the pre-stitch style. That being said, the Michley LSS-202 does not feature reverse threading, nor does it have any LED work lamp. But for the price, it is a pretty convenient sewing machine.

The Michley LSS-202 mini sewing machine does not come with a warranty, but we shouldn’t expect so from a sewing machine that is available for less than $30. It features two-speed stitching which is rather convenient for its size and the jobs that it can do. Its double thread capacity allows users to perfectly sew hems, pant legs, cuffs, and sleeves. It does however come with a host of accessories including thread bag, foot pedal, 16 metal bobbins, 16 thread spools, and a needle threader among others.


  • One of the cheapest sewing machines in the market today.
  • Ideal for small jobs – fixing fabrics, hemming jeans, etc.
  • Good sewing capability.


  • No reverse threading function.
  • Poor quality materials used in manufacturing.

Who Should Buy

The Michley LSS-202 mini sewing machine doesn’t really have a market similar to what other sewing machines have. It is not a sewing machine that is made for regular use, but one that is used for small fixing and stitching jobs.

For anyone who is looking for a sewing machine that easily and quickly fix fabrics, hem jeans, fix blankets, and so on, the Michley LSS-202 is the right model. It’s incredibly inexpensive and you couldn’t ask for more from a sewing machine. You don’t have to be an expert to know how to use the LSS-202 as it can serve well to beginners and new users who want to learn how to get small fix jobs done easily.

That being said, it’s not a sewing machine that would help you learn how to stitch. This is because the LSS-202 provides simple and straight stitching, nothing more or less. In other words, it’s a sewing machine that you can keep in your home for small fixes here and there.


The Michley LSS-202 mini sewing machine is a relatively basic but very affordable model in the market. Despite being rather simple, it does mend quilts and sews through different layers of fabrics quickly and conveniently. The LSS-202 has to be used carefully because it is mainly made from plastic materials.

This compact and lightweight sewing machine from Michley has been received well by users. While it has not been designed for long term use, it is one of the most efficient sewing machines when it comes to mending and fixing jobs. For what it’s worth, the LSS-202 offer good value for money and is surprisingly flexible in working on different types of fabrics, from light to heavy. Overall, the Michley LSS-202 mini sewing machine is a good model with reasonable functionality in a cute and compact size.