Microfiber Towel for Hair Benefits: 4 Reasons Why You Should Buy One ASAP


Should you really get one?

You might have heard about how efficient microfiber towels are as bath towels. However, do they have specific advantages for your hair alone? Stay with us as we reveal microfiber towel for hair benefits.

Microfiber towels will dry your hair faster.

With a microfiber towel, 30 minutes is more than enough to completely dry your hair. You just have to wrap your hair securely. On the other hand, a cotton towel will only make your hair damp.

The main reason behind this is the microfiber towel’s composition. Did you know that a square inch of microfiber can already hold 200,000 fibers? This makes it easier for a microfiber towel to absorb your wet hair’s moisture.

Microfiber towels reduce hair’s exposure to heat.

Since moisture absorption is faster with microfiber towels, it won’t be necessary for you to use your blow dryer for a long time. Less exposure to heat will keep your hair safe from damage.

Low to medium temperatures will also become effective even if your hair is super-thick. As long as excess water is no longer present, distribution of heat is easier.

Microfiber towels contribute to less frizz.

Since microfiber towels are excellent at absorbing moisture, you won’t have to rub your hair anymore. All you need to do is squeeze out excess water and wrap your hair.

Because of lack of friction from rubbing, your hair won’t suffer from breakage. This also leads to less frizz, resulting in a smoother, softer hair.

Microfiber towels will keep your hair clean.

Isn’t it embarrassing to walk with strange spots on your hair? One thing that contributes to this embarrassment is the ever-fluffy cotton towel.

Cotton towels tend to leave tiny balls of lint or fluff on your hair. This will make your styling session longer than necessary. You really have to remove lint off your hair, especially when you’re about to go out in public.

With microfiber towels, you’ll never have this problem.


Based on claims from manufacturers and users, common microfiber towel for hair benefits are faster drying, less exposure to blow dryers, less frizz, and absence of lint. This type of towel is definitely better than cotton towels when hair care is concerned.