How Long Should You Keep a Microwave Before Replacing It


If you’re planning to change your microwave oven right now, you might waste a perfectly functional appliance. The ideal time for replacement is based on the device’s average lifespan. How long should you keep a microwave before replacing it?

Based on CNET‘s report, you may replace a functional microwave nine years after purchase. However, once you see signs of wear, feel free to buy a brand-new model. Premature damage happens sometimes.

Go ahead and replace your microwave when you spot these signs:

  • You have to push a button multiple times just to set command. A keypad should be sensitive to ensure precision.
  • Heating something becomes a tedious waiting game. A good microwave is supposed to be helpful for instant meals.
  • A broken latch is a big no-no. Closing the door with duct tape can affect the quality of your food. And, worse, a loose door poses safety risks.
  • The turntable doesn’t rotate during the process. A simple fix seems far-fetched since a broken turntable means that the motor is damaged. You should take this issue seriously to ensure that the food is heated or cooked evenly.
  • You hear loud noises from the appliance itself. This may represent malfunctioning¬†components inside the housing.
  • Smoke comes out of the microwave. Seeing sparks is also a bad sign. These two scenarios are the most serious ones, which will force you to discard the appliance immediately.

In Conclusion

How long should you keep a microwave before replacing it?

Even though your microwave is still fine, replace it when it reaches nine years to avoid a sudden malfunction. However, when there’s premature damage, you should buy a new one to prevent safety hazards.

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