Are Microwave Sterilizers Safe


No matter how you think about it, safety will always be more important than convenience. That’s why despite the hassle-free way of sterilizing baby bottles in microwaves, you should be more critical. Are microwave sterilizers safe?

Of course, they’re safe. No wonder a lot of people are resorting to the microwave method. However, there are certain conditions you should focus on to guarantee safety.

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  • Only use a BPA-free microwave sterilizer. The same idea goes for the baby bottles you sterilize. Bisphenol-A is a toxic chemical, so avoid it at all costs.
  • To avoid burning your fingers, wait for the sterilizer to cool down for a couple of minutes inside the microwave. You should also take extra care in removing the lid because of the extremely hot steam.
  • To prevent the danger of spilling hot water on your body, remove the sterilizer from the microwave slowly but surely.
  • Make sure to pour enough water in the sterilizer. If not, the sterilizer would melt or ignite inside the microwave. Check the recommended amount in the user’s manual.
  • See to it that the sterilizer and its contents are all microwave-safe.

In Conclusion

Are microwave sterilizers safe?

Microwave sterilizers are completely safe for your child’s bottles. But, that will depend on how responsible you are as a buyer and user. Aside from making sure that the sterilizer is BPA-free and microwave-safe, you must follow the correct procedure.

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