Can a Miter Saw be used to Cut Metal


Yes, you can use a miter saw to cut metal as long as you use the appropriate blade; however, the types of metals are limited. The most possible metals that you can cut using a miter saw are aluminum and steel. You need to know that the miter saw will cause more wear when compared to normal crosscuts of woodworking.

Ideally, a miter saw is not the most appropriate tool to use when cutting a large amount of metal. Nevertheless, you can use it to cut a few pieces for your personal project. When cutting aluminum, you will need blades with the appropriate teeth configuration. Basically, you can use carbide blades to cut aluminum.

What You Need to Know

The speed of a miter saw blade for woodworking is way too fast. If by any means you can slow down the speed of a miter saw; then it will cut almost anything. The fact is that metal cutting saws work at about a third of the speed of the slowest miter saw speed.

Chances are that if you use a woodworking miter saw with the appropriate blade to cut metal, the metal will turn red hot at the contact with the blade’s teeth. This way, the blade will cut the hot metal away. The main reason as to why your saw’s blade will not wear out quickly is because the blade keeps on rotating.

You need to remove all the dust from the miter saw bed, given the fact that it throws a great number of sparks underneath the stand/ table. Putting a cold saw blade in a miter saw to cut metal can be potentially dangerous, since a miter saw is not designed to contain the chips, possible disintegrating disk, and sparks.

Professionally, you are advised and urged to buy one of the many affordable, but high performing cold saw, and use it to cut metal in your metal cutting project. If you are after perfect as well as risk-free metal cuts; then you should opt to buy a cold saw or a horizontal band saw. The cold saw usually resembles a miter saw; however, it is installed with a coolant system, which helps to cool down the cut and lubricate the saw blade.

You Need the Appropriate Blade

Having known that and you still want to use your miter saw to cut metal; then you are advised to use the best metal cutting blades you can find in the market. Metal cutting blades consist of a composite material made with aluminum oxide, and you can use them to cut a variety of metal bars made of aluminum and steel.

As much as you will convince yourself that a miter saw is a perfect tool for you when cutting metal; you need to know that this is wrong. Technically, the miter saw does what you expect of it, but professionally you will be using your miter saw for the wrong job.

Features of a Good Metal Cutting Blade

In order to cut non-ferrous metals using a miter saw, you need to look for a high-impact cutting blade that has the ability to make clean cuts. Getting premium outcomes when dealing with non-ferrous metals depends on clean and accurate cuts; therefore, the most convenient blade is one that makes metal cutting precise, fast and easy.

Choose a blade that is engineered to create precise metal cuts. Moreover, the teeth should provide triple-chip grind; thus leaving a clean and burr-free finish. The appropriate application metals that you can cut are brass, steel, copper, and probably steel. Therefore, your choice of the blade should factor in the stated types of metals.

To make a miter saw do the works of a cold saw, you will need a metal cutting blade that produces smooth, precise, quiet cuts, since this will allow you to enjoy the comfort of good metal cutting. You need to buy a metal cutting blade that is made of a shock-resistant material for precision and durability. Therefore, the blade’s resilient teeth should be protected by exclusive shock resistance, high-density formula. This will help the blade fight wear and tear, and at the same time prolong the sharpness of the blade up to four times longer.


Yes, a miter saw can be used to cut metal. However, a miter saw is not the appropriate cutting tool for the job. To be precise, the only group of metals that you can possibly and significantly cut using a miter saw is non-ferrous or dry ferrous metal.

The main reason as to why you are not advised even if possible to use a miter saw in place of a cold saw, is because a miter saw is not designed to handle sparks, disintegrating blade, and chips. Conclusively, you can only use a miter saw to cut metal if the blade is right (a metal cutting blade).