Moonrest Firm – U Body Pillow Review



The Moonrest pregnancy pillow is the simplest form of pregnancy pillow but it is most effective than others. This pillow is especially designed according to the needs of the expected ladies to use from the mid of their pregnancy till end. Most of the women face three major problems during their pregnancy like muscular tension, backaches and mental stress.

This pregnancy pillow is especially designed to relieve the pain and to maximize the comfortable sleep of the pregnant moms. This is designed in a more sophisticated way to give you a pleasurable feeling while doing rest. So it is designed according to the natural contours of the body to give a peaceful feeling.


The Moonrest pregnancy pillow has following main features that make it different from others:

  • Supports Full body

    If a pregnancy pillow is made to cover the full body then it is very unique to use. Similar is the case with the Moonrest pregnancy pillow that cover the entire body of a person, so it is ideal to use.

    It will cover you from head to toe. You do not need to change the position of your body while sleeping; this pillow will cover you completely and will give you a perfect sleep.

  • Durable

    This pregnancy pillow is made up of polyester and the cotton. The combination ratio is 50:50 so it is durable to use. You only need to buy this product once and after that you can enjoy its benefits and durability. You can also use this pregnancy pillow even after delivery to feed the baby, to protect the child from falling or to make it a foot rest.

  • Light Weight

    The pillow is extremely light in weight so it is portable. You can transfer it from one room to another room. It also gives you a convenience to shift the pregnant lady from one room to another in emergency conditions.

  • Easy to Wash

    The zipper of the cover allows you to remove the cover. This cover is washable. Similarly you can also wash the entire pillow with the help of a washing powder without being worried of is deformation.

    This pillow is made in such a best way that it does not allow the water to make the lumps of the pillow even after drying. So you can use it as it was before. The quality of the product is good and its features are never compromised.

  • Best to Cuddle

    A pregnancy pillow is considered best if it perfectly cuddles the body. This Moonrest pregnancy pillow is ideal to cuddle as it covers your entire body. That will give you a perfect relaxed feeling at night while sleeping. When you will use this pregnancy pillow you feel a real comfort, reduction in the pain of the body and a healthier tummy. Even that will also leave the good impacts on your baby.

    If the positioning of the baby will be right and the nutrients flow will be smooth then your baby will grow better. So you can give your baby a perfect positioning while sleeping with the help of this pregnancy pillow.


  • It is really comfortable to use
  • It aligns the hips and joints, and give a relief to the back pain
  • Gives the maximum comfort level because of its soft nature
  • Perfect for each type of skin
  • It is versatile in nature you can even use it as footrest or to watch the TV
  • It allows various postures like sitting, laying down on bed or to support the back
  • The multiple colors of the pillow make it more attractive
  • Washable
  • Portable
  • Light in weight
  • Covers the entire body


  • Some of the people complaint about the huge size and long nature of the pillow
  • It can make a person addictive after using it for pregnancy
  • Its cost is higher than others

Who Should Buy

The Moonrest pregnancy pillow is made for the pregnant ladies. However the other people can also use it, but it is highly recommended not to get addicted of the pillow. It is just for pregnancy or to get the rest after longer hour of working. This product has got a feedback score of 4.1 out of 5. It is popular among most of the pregnant ladies. It is ideal to use in pregnancy especially in second and third trimester.


The pregnancy pillows are common to use in pregnancy, however there is no hard and fast rule to use this pillow only in the pregnancy. This pillow has got the tremendous popularity because of its best features. Though the price of the pillow is slightly higher than others, yet the nature and the qualities of the pillow has overcome the cost related problem of the pillow. You can use this pregnancy pillow for a longer period of time as it is durable. You only have to pay for it once and you can enjoy its benefits for longer time.