Natural Comfort Classic Heavy Fill White Goose Down Alternative Duvet Insert Comforter Review



Feel the softness and comfort of cotton merged with the temperature resistant properties of polyester in the Natural Comfort Classic Heavy Fill White Goose Down Alternative Duvet Insert Comforter. If you find it hard to decide to choose between 2 comforters because one is covered with cotton while the other is covered with polyester, why not have both attributes in the same comforter?

This comforter is available in Queen XL, Full XL, King XL and Twin X Large sizes. It is great to have options like these when you have a master’s bedroom and probably want to match other rooms in terms of design and comfort as well.

Important Features and Specs

The king size is measured at 104 x 95 inches; luxurious and spacious enough, just as expected for the master’s bedroom. Weight is estimated at 90 oz. which is quite heavy compared to other comforters, but is natural since it is bigger in size. King size comforters are expected to be heavier and they are designed that way in order to stay in place on a bigger bed.

It has a duvet insert, which is crucial to keeping the comforter in place if you are one of those who sleep all over the place. It might even be helpful for sleepwalkers without necessarily constricting them. If such features would lessen incidents of falling off the bed or getting out of bed due to sleepwalking, then it can surely add some peace to parents and family members’ minds. Just remember that it is not precautionary enough to address such health conditions and you must still regularly seek your doctor’s advice.

This is one of the heavyweight comforters available in the market today. If you are thinking what advantages it may have against a lightweight one, a definite pro is that it makes your bed more comfortable, especially if you don’t have a very luxurious bed. A comforter this thick is quite helpful if you have a worn down mattress. There is only is much you can do to a mattress that has gone thin. This comforter is thick enough to make up for the comfort that the old mattress can no longer provide. It can be more practical than buying a new mattress if you don’t see it fit to invest in a new one yet.

It is 100% allergy-free. This comforter is perfect for light sleepers, having issues with sleep interruptions caused by stray goose down feathers and odors. The shell is composed of 100% cotton with the remaining material on it as polyester. So you can enjoy the benefits of both fabrics in the same comforter. Cotton keeps it fluffy and soft while polyester makes air flow freely in between causing a more favorable temperature retention. Polyester also ensures that, come summertime, it will not be too humid to use since air flow is not constricted.

Spaces between the stitches are estimated at 7 inches so the boxes don’t look too big but spaced wide enough to distribute the goose down feathers evenly on the comforter. Some consumers occasionally complain about the stitching being not so secure enough that it gets loose and scatters the feathers internally making the comforter uneven.


  • Perfect for individuals and families living in cold weather states.
  • Spacing between the stitches allows better goose down feather distribution, keeping you warm even if you wrap yourself from head to toe.
  • Machine washable causing less concerns about the feather filling getting out of place before and after washing.


  • Some isolated cases of the comforter being thick and heavy but not soft for some folks who bought it.
  • Instances where the comforter that arrived was thinner than what was expected, issues that can be addressed directly to the manufacturer.

Who Should Buy This

Light sleepers or folks having difficulty in sleeping for more than 3 hours without interruption should give this a try. This may just help with their sleeping patterns. It is great for those who plan to have uniform bedding in their homes because it is available in different sizes. Those who want to play around with design or are buying sheets for their new homes would also find the dual materials used in this comforter interesting. It is safe for those with allergies.


The Natural Comfort Classic Heavy Fill White Goose Down Alternative Duvet Insert Comforter is a fresh way to add comfort to your bedroom, both in terms of design and quality. It combines the best characteristics of cotton and polyester to give you maximum sleeping comfort. It is available in different sizes so you can choose the same type of bedding for different rooms. It is perfect for light sleepers and safe for those with respiratory problems and allergies.