What Are Needle-Nose Pliers Used For


If you’re unsure whether you have to buy long-nose pliers or not, we’re here to help you decide. What are needle-nose pliers used for?

Needle-nose pliers ensure accuracy for wiring tasks

Accuracy is everything when you’re going to handle some wires inside outlets, light switches, and computers. That will never happen if you use bulky tools for compact spaces.

With the pointy tips of needle-nose pliers, you can easily grip, move, and cut wires within a small area. This is even more helpful if the wires are really small.

Needle-nose pliers are perfect for delicate crafts

Working with tiny beads and gemstones requires smaller tools. That’s why long-nose pliers are very popular for jewelers and craftsmen, according to DoItYourself.com.

This type of pliers is also great for cutting and tying nylon to form the accessory. It is even strong enough for securing clasps and chains, especially the ones used for necklaces.

In Conclusion

What are needle-nose pliers used for?

These tools aren’t only for electrical repairs and installations; they’re also ideal for making accessories and other delicate projects. That’s because long, pointy tips can easily hold small objects and access hard-to-reach areas.

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