North States Industries Plastic Gate Mounts Review



Children are precious and want some special care in every aspect of life. Children security is also a very important issue. This big problem is resolved up to a great extent as Super Gate Classic designed as a special secure gate for all. It securely blocks doorways, stairways and other spaces.

Without any measuring or tools, Super Gate Classic used as a quick and easy pressure mount gate. Simply expand the gate in the opening and lock the handle. Special door sockets are provided in the gates that provide extra holding power for pressure mounting in opening between 26 and 42 inches.

Important Features and Specs

The variety of features which makes it a Super Gate and ahead of ordinary gates is discussed below.

  • Multiple Uses

    North States Super Gate provides easy to use gate features with several mounting options; it can be used in wide variety of settings. Super Gate Classic through its special hardware is a convenient swing gate for high-traffic areas. The gate is suitable for the children up to half to 2 years in age.

    Super Gate just require, in case of mounting product, a drill and screwdriver to fit the product on desired location. Super Gate Classic gives five mounting options for versatility. Super Gate classic used as a quick and easy pressure mount gate, no hardware tool is required just expand the Super Gate classic in the opening and lock the handle.

  • Gate for All

    So Super Gate is designed for all caregivers, babysitters, and pet owners. Super Gate provides you a reliable safety barrier for children and pets in multistory homes. Super Gate Classic fit between railings top and bottom of stairways in 26 to 42 inch door. Super Gate Classic designed to maximum protection barricade doorways, stairways, and other hard to block spaces.

    Also for barricading hard to block spaces, Super Gate Classic includes rail sockets that let you mount it between the railings or between a railing and a wall. Super Gate Classic is also used as hardware mounted swing gate for widely used areas like kitchen, washrooms and living rooms. As super gate classic has smooth rounded edges, opening and closing of Super Gate Classic used frequently in an easy way.

Other Features

North States Super Gate classics provide one year warranty against any manufacturing defect. Juvenile products manufactures Association for safety also certified supergate classic for reliable protection gates. Super Gate Classic is unlike of other market gates because Super Gate Classic is certified for mounting at the top of stairway and includes the necessary hardware which does the work easily.

  • Portable

    Super Gate Classic is lightweight for easy and convenient transport. During the formation of Super Gate Classic management focus that the Super Gate Classic should be sturdy, reliable plastic material which possess a weight less than eight pounds, which make Super Gate Classic easy to move from one room to another room.

    Super Gate Classic also have an additional point that Super Gate Classic easily adjusts to different sized openings and does not require a bulk of measuring tools, as compared with other market gates.

  • Accessories

    It comes with instructions for operation and installation and hardware for mounting in sturdy materials like metal or wood.


  • Adjust to fit in 26 – 42” wide openings and 26” high.
  • It is a swing gate at top of staircase.
  • Comfortable handle give ease in pressing.
  • Made in USA.
  • Super Gate Classic is Certified, reliable product.


  • Not easy to close or open

Who Should Buy

This gate is ideal if you have small dogs or babies. Unlike the wooden gates in market, it does not have the notch issue in itself. You can easily let the gate be expanded right to the door frame. Afterwards, you have to down press it on the mechanism of lever so that the pressure is increased and it gets locked in place.

This quality makes it a gate for all destinations and thus the name super gate. So use this gate at any part of your house. Also, do not worry to pressing the handle hardly or lightly as the lever is very durable. In fact, the handle is designed in such a way that it can be operated with much less power if used correctly.


Should your child safe is what North states industries plastic gate mount is all about. This is the most unique gate in the market today and can be simply mounted in five distinct ways. Super Gate can be mounted in doorways and other openings instantly. By door sockets it will provide much more holding power than your typical gate.

It also provides rail socket allowing the north states Super Gate to be used in between wrought iron railings. Super Gate Classic is certified for use at top of stairs. Super Gate Classic is easy to use while offering protection for your kid.