North States Industries Supergate Review



One of the most difficult objectives in the life of parents is to keep their child secure especially when they are playing as there is always a possibility that they would get engaged with several hindrances during the course of play. Your kids can get injured, sometimes severely, due to these hindrances coming in as they would consist of harmful objects of your house.

One solution to these issues if babysitting constantly which is not feasible at all these days as everybody has other work to do. The manufacturers of kids item have seen this problem and have come up with different types of product to provide solution to it. One of these is a play yard, produced by several companies in the market.

One of these producers is North States, the products they have come up with are found to be more useful and innovative than normal play yard products. They are reviewed as the most wanted and secure solution to the problem of your child getting injured. The Supergate Extra Wide Gate is one of the unique from collection of North States. It is claimed to be the best product for restricting kids.

Important Features and Specs

The Supergate Extra Wide Gate, like other North States products, has something extra when compared with other products in the market. It is designed to keep parents in relief by providing two basic but important features i.e. security and safety.

  • Flexible and Convenient

    To keep your pet or kid secure and safe is the basic aim of North States Supergate Easy-Close Gate Metal. It does so by giving triple locking system. In the same time it also allows you to operate it with one hand and you can swing it open both ways. The gate can install in opening of 28 to 31.5 inches wide and provides a height of 29 inches.

    You can also increase the width up to 38.5 inches by using the two extensions. You can install the gate easily by employing tension knobs in opening to secure the gate. It is pressure mounted so no hardware is needed. It can be installed in many types of openings of room and is recommended at the bottom of stairs.

  • Durable

    As it is constructed with metal which is coated with white powder, there is no question in durability. The metal used is heavy duty and it is certified by Juvenile Product Manufacturer’s Association. It is also recommended by American Pet Association.

  • Easy to Assemble

    The Supergate Extra Wide Gate can be used in a variety of openings very easy. The steps of installation are just a few and they too are fairly easy. You just have to employ the two rods, one on each side of gate, and then insert extensions if needed, attach the four tension rods and finally tighten these rods to your opening. It also provides option of double-sided tape to install if you are not comfortable with wall cups.

  • Safe and Secure

    This gate is either fully opened all the way or it is locked and closed. It gets swing close if you do not keep it open all the way. To unlock it, you have to hold the switch, which is on knob, and lift the gate a bit above the ground. To lock the switch at its place, you just have to twist the knob at their sides.


  • Swings both ways
  • Has two extensions to increase width
  • Strong construction of heavy duty metal
  • Triple locking system to keep child safe
  • Very little assembly


  • Makes noise at gate closing

Who Should Buy

If you are looking to restrict your pets or kids from certain parts of your home, Supergate is for you. It is highly recommended if you have toddler(s) and your house has stairs. You can use it at the bottom of stairs to prevent your loved one to climb it. Users have also used it at top of stairs and have been pretty satisfied with it as well.

Its safety, easy installation and no deterioration to furniture makes it a very ideal choice for baby or pet gate. People have also used it the entrance of toilet and like other customers are very satisfied with it. Now their bathroom and baby remains safe and cleaner.


Supergate provides excellent value for the money. It is easy to use, easy to install, keeps your infants safe and is made to work for a very longer period of time. It also looks pretty beautiful with its white color and complements your home decor. The pressure mount system gives luxury to use two-sided tape if you do not want to use tapes.

The installation along with extension takes less than 30 minutes. The locking and hold system provides you luxury to keep it locked so your baby is protected and in his / her absence it is not an obstacle for you.