North States Industries Superyard 3 in 1 Metal Gate Review



North States Superyard Metal 3 in 1 is one of the newest additions in North States product line which provides a combination of barrier for safety and a play yard for homes with pets and babies. You can easily make it a gate to block entrance to required parts of the house or make it bounded recreational space because of its powder-coated sturdy metal construction. It is recommended to use in indoor space. The gate is quick to install and is very durable.

Important Features and Specs

The inherent quality of fulfilling multiple needs of being a gate and a play yard is made possible with various versatile features like six panels made from strong metal and has vertical spindles.

  • Safe and Secure

    If you have tough areas then it is a viable solution for you. It is made from strong metal making it well balanced and stable so you can use it as a play yard which stands on its own or you can also construct a half moon type area as well.

    Its panels, each 24 inches wide, get interlocked with hinged attachments which make it viable to have the panels angled in such a way for optimum stability. It also works very well when mounted on a wall. These gates have enough material to mark themselves as secure.

  • Convenient

    The gate panel is very convenient. It has locking mechanism of double action which gets opened easily by an adult but it is near to impossible for a child. The vertical spindles add to the kids frustration as it is a challenge to climb it and strong enough to take their weight. Child can pull them by holding these spindles and the panel still remains stable and stands on its own.

  • Easy to Install / Remove

    You can use it when you have the item out of its box. It is extremely easy and quick to assemble the six panels. The panels are interconnected via the poles present in plastic sleeves.

    They are tensioned slightly so you can adjust it or remove one of the panels from it. You can also tighten it so create a stiff angle between the panels. This would make it more stable and gives a solid shape to it. It can also be easily folded and unfolded which makes it easy to store and carry.

  • Hassle Free Usage

    The gate can easily be opened with just one hand and the opening of doorway is sized generously. It does not swing automatically so parents can leave it open when they do not want it to be closed.

  • Specialty Features

    A very flexible and freestanding gate, Superyard 3 in 1 Metal Gate has gained popularity in houses having hazardous areas, exposed media centers, huge hearths, or open floor plans. Its ability to cover almost every size of opening gives it a huge edge over other baby gates.

    Not only it is used as a play yard, it can also be used at either ends of stairways as it does not damage railings and walls. Each panel has a width of 24 inches which makes 144 inches in total. If you use extensions the width can increase up to 192 inches. The gate also has a warranty of 90 days.


  • Mount to wall or free stand it.
  • Versatile for multiple uses
  • Strong Metal
  • Easy to install and use


  • Lesser quality wall mounting hardware
  • Can be scooted on carpet or hard floor
  • Folding and storing is difficult

Who Should Buy

If you need a play yard but you are curious if your babies might climb over it then you need to take Superyard 3 in 1 Metal Gate. The spindles do not allow climbing as there are no foothold possibilities for your little ones.

When kids are finished playing you can keep them in a safe place by using this product as a barrier between them and the danger. The width allows you to use it in any opening size and its freestanding structure makes it strong enough for even the active of children to remain in that area.

The double lock mechanism and one hand opening make the life of adult easy and of child more frustrating but more safe as well.


It is a great play yard for your young infants or even small pets. This panel takes it ahead of its previous versions with its double locking system and walk through one hand swinging panel for added security. You can use it on any floor like hardwood, tile, and carpet etc. the rubber pads beneath prevents your surface from getting scratched.

The wall mounted hardware makes it a gate to block your baby from dangerous places or / and from either direction of stairways. The extra wide 144 inches 6 panels makes it a large gate for any type of opening size.