Old Smokey Electric Smoker Review



Old Smokey is the simplest electric smoker to use. The smoker requires you to keep some flavoring wood chunks, but it does not use much of them, and for fuel all you need to do is plug it into the wall socket. The heating element provides you with even heat, and there is no chance of an off taste from it.

This electric smoker gives great color to your meat, and the taste of the meat is amazing. This unit performs very well, and it is pretty much indestructible. This is the best choice when you do not want to use direct fire, where flames are involved.

Important Features and Specs

Old Smokey is easier on your budget, and it works better than most of the more expensive electric smokers in the market. The smoker is installed with a well-structured woodchip tray; therefore, you can conveniently add flavor to your pork or chicken. The smoker is fitted with a couple of smoking racks, which provide you with two cooking levels, including lower and upper grills. The lower cooking level consists of a drip pan, accompanied by the lower grill.

These racks are specious enough to handle a considerable amount of food. The unit comes with a heating element that looks more of an electric oven. This unit is built with a unique flat top, along with two handles and sealed lid. Old Smokey is long-lasting given the fact that it is built from aluminized steel.

Normally, aluminum exhibits high resistance towards heat when compared to steel; hence this product is not vulnerable to heat and rust. The smoker is also fitted with a variable heat thermostat, which allows you to conduct different cooking styles. You can effectively achieve varying temperatures with the help of a heat control knob.

This classic-designed electric smoker is fitted with a heating element with wattage of 1,250 watts. The unit has a cooking area of two hundred and eighty square inches that is provided by the two racks. This space is enough to accommodate hamburgers, sea food, vegetables, and meat.

This is a 29-inch smoker with the following dimensions-15.5 by 15.5 by 29 inches, and it weighs 24 pounds making it extremely lightweight and portable. With its conveniently smaller weight and the side handles, you can easily lift the unit from one location to another without wearing out your muscles. In addition, the unit’s temperature is variable up to 250°F.


  • Old Smokey is installed with a 1,250-watt heating element that does not leak heat easily, and a wood chip tray for you to place wood chips for different smoke flavors.
  • The smoker provides you with a fairly large cooking space of two hundred and eighty square inches. This space is able to accommodate a variety of foods, including vegetables, chicken and turkey.
  • Old Smokey is the most portable electric smoker, weighing only twenty four pounds. With its convenient measurements and weight, you can easily transport and position it accordingly.
  • The smoker is made from aluminized steel, which provides more resistance to heat and rust. This ensures that the smoker serves you for longer durations.


  • This electric smoker is not equipped with digital temperature settings, which makes it a bit challenging when you need to set the smoker to operate at a specific temperature.

Who Should Buy

This is the most recommended electric smoker for those people who do not wish to spend more than $200, and yet they expect outstanding smoking features. This unit’s operation is simple and user-friendly, due to the outstanding workmanship the smoker has undergone.

Old Smokey will serve your family well; at times you may even prepare enough food for a small gathering at the back of your house. With this unit, you have the privilege of witnessing the worth of your money. This includes both the interior and exterior of the design. Ideally, each and every feature exhibited by this unit has proven to be true.

This is the kind of electric smoker that will allow you to smoke vegetables, chicken, and pork among other foods. The smoker’s maintenance is simple when compared to other smokers. Moreover, this is the simplest unit to assemble; therefore, you should buy Old Smokey to achieve maximum smoking experience.


Old Smokey is the best electric smoker choice that you should consider, especially if you are after great features for less than $200. This is the simplest electric smoker to assemble and use; therefore, it is the convenient choice even if it is your first time to smoke food using a smoker.

Its design is built from aluminized steel; hence you are fully protected from accidental burns. The smoker is easy to carry, transport and position. In fact, you can conveniently carry and move it from one position to another on your own. This is the only electric smoker that will fulfill all your smoking requirements.